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Jun 19, 2013 09:21 AM

Foxley information

I have an out of town guest coming who is interested in going to Foxley's. I can't find a website for them -- does anybody know whether there is a menu posted somewhere? (I need to make sure there is enough on the menu for less adventurous eaters and for vegetarians.)

Also - -what's the atmosphere like? Can you have a conversation there or is it very noisy?


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  1. My last visit was over a year ago however from what I recall the noise level is moderate and the menu is shared/small plates and well there are many fish dishes on the menu I don't recall many (maybe one or two) vegetarian plates.

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      Noise is not usually a problem there. We usually go for the deep fried shrimp with jalapeño, skirt steak with chimichuri, Seabream ceviche, kale and they have fairly decent wine by the glass.

    2. I have this weird feeling I read somewhere recently that the no website thing is a deliberate choice. Anyway, why not call and ask about the menu? It's been a while, but IIRC the small plates did seem protein-centric so I think some research is in order if you are concerned.

      1. Order the Kale salad! Go early as you can't make resos. Their menu changes often but they have some delicious mainstays. It's a nice casual spot with interesting food.

        1. It's quieter earlier in the evening. They have really good ribs!

          1. Here is a pic of the menu i took maybe a month ago