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Jun 19, 2013 09:03 AM

Yoplait Greek Yogurts

Until now, I always saw an OK-D on the I just bought strawberry flavor without a hashgacha (and ate it before I noticed). Any clues?

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  1. no. first I heard of it-check with the OK

    1. I remember it only having a plain "K". it was never accepted in the orthodox community.

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      1. re: chicago maven

        It's the Greek 100 calorie yogurt. I spoke (emailed) with the OK, and they said that any containers without a hashgacha are made in an unsupervised plant. Sigh.

        1. re: DebbyT

          Bad policy for the OK to allow both kosher and non-kosher yogurt being made with the same label. Mistakes are certainly going to happen.

          1. re: chicago maven

            Agreed. And it already did. It was delicious.

            1. re: DebbyT

              The fact that it was so delicious should have been your first clue that it might not be kosher!!

              1. re: chicago maven

                I've had it (once, and totally didn't realize if it didn't have a hechsher) but I thought it tasted like chemicals. The chobani flips strawberry is delicious.

      2. i guess one must look at packaging and not assume