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Jun 19, 2013 08:45 AM

Blueberry cake?

My son is turning 3 this weekend and has asked that I make him a blueberry cake. He doesn't really like blueberries though. He is more of a blueberry yogurt and blueberry waffle kind of guy. Occasionally he will eat a blueberry muffin, but he usually picks out the larger berries - and he definitely won't eat plain old blueberries on their own.
So...I am looking for suggestions for a blueberry cake with a smooth texture and no visible/obvious blueberries. Maybe using blueberry yogurt? Or blueberry juice? Or pureed blueberries? Thanks!

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  1. There's always the flag sheet cake, which is topped with strawberry stripes and blueberries for the star portion.

    Blueberry shortcake, using a combo of blueberry preserves and fresh berries for the topping.

    A cake made with juice or pureed berries would have an offputting blue-gray color.

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      Actually I think a blue-gray cake could be very appealing to a boy who is turning 3 years old :)
      What about asking the birthday boy what he meant by a blueberry cake?

    2. What about just a layer of blueberry puree in between layers? Something like this:

      1. Blueberry buttercream or ganache with a white cake. You could maybe poke holes in the cake and drip blueberry sugar syrup or even melted preserves

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          A poke cake would be fun for a three year old, like this:

          I think it's funny that the recipe starts w/ a mix then uses home made blueberry sauce. I've seen them w/ jello.

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            Smitten kitchen has a strawberry cake recipe whih uses fresh strawberry purée to flavour the cake batter. I made it before with great success (cream cheese frosting!) and I bet the method would work with any fruit purée.

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              The Smitten Kitchen 'Blueberry Boy Bait' cake is great. I know it doesn't fit the request of no visible blueberries but thought I'd throw it in here in case anyone is looking for a super simple blueberry cake recipe for the summer.

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                I don't know about the birthday boy but I'll be making that cake! Looks good--thanks for sharing.

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                  Hope you like it! I have to admit, I made it the first time just because of the fun name : ). But it was easy and delicious for a quick BBQ/summer potluck recipe.

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              It's kind of like when people order double double cheeseburger, extra large fries, and a diet coke

              I try and go homemade all the way, or Sandra lee it completely. But rarely a halfsie!

          2. I think he just likes the color blue! Make yellow or white cupcakes/cake and top with a blueberry buttercream or just a buttercream tinted blue

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              Or tint a white cake batter a vivid blue. I have been planning on making Violet Velvet cupcakes to use a box of red velvet cake mix. I'll add blue food coloring and hope for purple. How about using the scratch recipe for red velvet cake, but swapping blue food coloring for the red. I don't think the brown of the cocoa powder would ruin the blue since those recipes call for a LOT of coloring.

            2. I like to make every so often a Blueberry pie with a Meringue topping. The base is a yeast cake ( think sweet pizza dough with butter instead of oil and an egg), spread the Berries with Cinnamon and Sugar if you like on top of the dough and bake. Halfway through add the meringue topping and bake until just lightly browned. Most children here seemed to like that one, and you don't see the Blueberries.