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Jun 19, 2013 07:57 AM

Where to take Dad

I'm supposed to take my dad/siblings out for "Father's Day" dinner tonight. I had finally settled on Art and Soul (because Thai X-ing couldn't take us), but then my dad said he wanted:

"Local family-owned middle-eastern, Greek, Cajun, etc. Low-salt with a kick.... organic "health" food...? Something unusual?"

Any suggestions? We can do anywhere in DC or Alexandria.

Thanks! I bow to your foodie wisdom.

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  1. Hmmmmm that one's tough. I think I can fulfill some of his requests---although likely not all of them.

    For family-owned (I think), local, Greek and the ability to be healthy (with the proper choices) I would go to Mourayo.

    For locally-owned Cajun (not healthy though so don't even try to spin it that way) with a commitment to sustainability (close enough to organic right?) I would go to Pearl Dive.

    1. If you can do Bailey's Crossroads, then Jerusalem is a Palestinian restaurant that has top-notch food. Look to the specialties page, especially the masukhan and lamb makluba.

      Or still in Bailey's, go to Mirage which has two separate menus: one Persian, the other Peruvian. and just to make sure it's completely strange, it is also a Lebanese bakery. Hard to go wrong with any of the above.

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        whoa - Mirage? that is one intriguing mash-up!

      2. Another Greek option is Athenas ( I only go occasionally for lunch, but it's a family run, white tablecloth type of place. It's in Crystal City, not far from the metro stop if you want to do metro.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

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            I know Father's Day is over but next time you want to take him out, try Mykonos in Rockville. Great food and very warm and welcoming atmosphere. And local and family-owned. Rockville isn't that far away if you take 270 and for this particular place, exit at Montrose Road going eastbound (be sure to get into the local lanes when you leave the Beltway to get onto 270). Go up to East Jefferson, turn left, go up to Congressional Lane, turn right and it will be on your left.