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Jun 19, 2013 07:45 AM

Great sandwich/salad or bakery Arlington?

Recently I've found myself in Arlington (Mass Ave & Pleasant St) for a work project around lunchtime. Arlington is an area I haven't explored at all, so I'm looking to you guys.

Are there any great sandwich/salad places around that area ideally in walking distance or short drive? I'm hoping something along the lines of a great bakery or coffee shop or sandwich shop where I could also grab an ice coffee. Barring that, a place to get a falafel? Any other suggestions for a good, quick, but non sit-down place?


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  1. Walking distance, the Madrona Tree has decent sandwiches, albeit a bit overpriced with slow/spotty service. But the food is totally satisfying, I recommend calling ahead first. For a fairly short drive (a straight shot down Broadway, then right onto Holland Street) head to Davis Square for all of your needs. Daves Fresh Pasta for excellent/above average sandwiches, sides, etc. and Amsterdam Falafel a bit further down the street for-you guessed it- falafel! Diesel Cafe is right across for above average coffee. For traditional sub/sandwich shop, Anthony's East Side Deli (Mass Ave headed towards Cambridge-can walk there) may be ok, although I prefer D'Agostino's in Arlington Heights (the opposite direction on Mass Ave, towards Lexington- would need to drive). You really can't go wrong with any of the above mentioned, I am telling you this as a full time employee in the same area you are working!

    1. Fresh Pond Seafood is walkable if you like the friend-seafood-in-a-roll thing. They have some booths if you want to eat in.

      Second Madrona tree. There is also a bagel place - Bagels By Us - up the road just past Mill St.

      Just up the road a bit is Blue Ribbon BBQ - good for take out.

      For coffee, we have 4 Dunkin's and 2 Starbucks.. but I'd either hit Quebrada Baking Company on Mass Ave in East Arlington or Gail Ann's Coffee Shop in the Center. Quebrada has nice savory pastries in the morning, and Gail Ann's does good muffins. Barismo in East Arlington is a coffee roaster that opened a retail counter - very good stuff.

      And if you like your traditional Italian place, Sabatino's in East Arlington does a good slice or buffalo chicken wrap.

      No decent falafel in town.. I think some of the "Houses of Pizza" sell it, but never tried it myself.

      If you like sushi/sashimi or other japanese cuisine, I'd hit Toraya for lunch - they do a nice bento box.

      If you want to expand your radius, there's some tasty places in nearby Somerville, Medford, and North Cambridge as well..

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        These are good suggestions, and I would add Francesca's on Mass Ave and the new Menotomy Grill (open for lunch Thu-Sun) to the list. Francesca's has some of the best eggplant parm (available on sandwich, I believe) in the area. If you are looking for a sandwich with table service, Menotomy has some tasty options. I especially enjoyed the tuna burger from there.

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          Francesca's eggplant parm is one of my favorites too. I have had mixed results with other things I have ordered there but the caesar salad is good and if they have their own onion rings (which they don't always, sometimes they serve food service ones) those are good too. Oh and so are the arancini (rice balls) when they have them.

      2. And I forgot Jammin' Java in the center.. they do coffee and sandwiches, but I lost a lot of respect for them when they changed to that name from Carberry's

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            I like the people who work at Jammin, but the coffee and pastries have been significantly downgraded since the change from Carberry's

          2. Not walkable, but Nellio's for sandwiches fo sho.

            1. Wow, thanks for all the great options! I can't believe I'll have a choice of a good sandwich, seafood shack food, or Japanese (my three favorites).

              I can't believe Toraya is so close and their lunch specials look cheap. Ditto for Fresh Pond seafood. Madrona Tree looks right up my alley (although I can see how it's a touch pricey) and even Amsterdam falafel is not that far. Add in Nellio's and Francesco's and I might have to spend more time in this area outside of work!