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Jun 19, 2013 07:35 AM

Kochujang/ssamjang in Chinatown

I'm making momofuku-style bo ssam this weekend and need a source for kochujang and ssamjang. I expect kochjang would be available in any of the markets in Chinatown, not sure about ssamjang. Anyone have a favorite brand and/or source?


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  1. It's not in Chinatown, but I get that stuff (and more) at Lotte Market on Mass Ave in Central Square. They have a selection of several different varieties. Kochujang and ssamjang are pretty basic products and I have not seen a big difference from brand to brand, other than different heat levels (indicated by # in the ssamjang). Lotte carries Arirang kimchi which IS an artisan product and definitely worth getting. Awesome kimchi!

    Lotte Market also has cheap, big and fresh scallions if you plan on making the ginger scallion sauce. A helpful tip for this sauce is to heat the oil on the stove before mixing it in with the ginger and scallions. It definitely helps to take some of the bite out of the ginger and really brings the flavors together.

    Parking is generally easy on Mass Ave near Lotte and it is convenient to public transportation. If you drive and can't find a spot you can pull into the courtyard (entrance off Village St) in front of the store and park there. Not sure if you're supposed to or not, but you'll be in and out fast and they've never said anything to me.

    If you have never made that prep before, definitely get a bone in shoulder (stays together much better), and wash the brine off before roasting the shoulder or it will be too salty. I cook it at a bit lower heat (and longer as a result) than most recipes call for. I also baste occasionally with pan drippings, including after I add the brown sugar to help it caramelize.

    Also, don't be tempted to skip the oysters. Momofuku pairs them with this dish for a reason. I like to drop one right on top of my wrap, it's a great combo.

    Enjoy your meal, we made this for fathers day. So good!

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      Awesome, thanks for the tips! I have not made this dish before but am a veteran pork butt smoker, so am familiar with cooking them in the BBQ context. This seems like a small departure with the sear at the end.

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        Thanks for the parking tip at Lotte Market! I used to live around the corner, but I often have trouble parking around there. I don't think it's the greatest market, but every Korean market will have a couple varieties of kochujang and ssamjang. Some of the people who work at Lotte are very helpful.

        I do love the homeyness of the Han A Rum Oriental Market in North Cambridge. They have interesting homemade panchan.

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          correction, the ssamjang comes in varying heat levels.


          1. If it turns out that you can't find what you are looking for Chinatown, H-Mart in Burlington would certainly meet your needs. Many brands to choose among, including some nice small-sized containers.

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              Aware of H-Mart (though have never been) and will go if I have to (or to Lotte, which Gabatta mentioned) It's just that I work downtown and can easily get to Chinatown, figured they must have something there. Thanks!

            2. I also gotta give a shout-out to Reliable market in Union Sq, Somerville. Good variety of kochujang and other staples, and I must note that they have really fresh and inexpensive fish, as well.

              1. This might not be particularly helpful, but if you have a Shaw's that's convenient to where you live or on your commute you might try there. I just bought both kochujang and ssamjang at the Shaw's on River St. in Waltham because I'm also planning on making bo ssam soon. They were in the Shop the World section. Worth checking out. No choice of brands, of course.

                (Thanks to Jenny O. and Allstonian for the tip that this particular Shaw's has a better variety of ethnic foods than some of the others.)

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                  Good tip, I actually live fairly close to there, so if Chinatown doesn't pan out, that's the next best bet. Thanks!

                2. I get both of them at Han A Rum Oriental Market in Cambridge, next to Hana Sushi.

                  The owner makes her own ssamjang -- last time I was there she gave me a container of it for free.

                  Good luck! It's a terrific recipe. For the record, when I made it, I got my oysters at Fresh Pond Seafood and my pork at McKinnon's. The biggest expense and hassle of the whole dish were those oysters. Everything else was pretty simple... especially the pork itself.