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Jun 19, 2013 07:01 AM

Restaurant with great bread?

My sister is visiting for her birthday and I want to take her out for a delicious meal. It can be brunch, lunch, or dinner. We're pretty open to type of food, location, and price point. What I would love is a great meal with some really delicious baked goods (scones, bread, biscuits, whatever). Any suggestions?

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  1. CityZen probably should be on the list based on presentation alone.

    The focaccia in the Tosca bread basket is quite good, in a "don't eat too much or it'll spoil your appetite" way.

    And if you like variety in your bread basket, try Birch and Barley, which gives you (if memory serves) a sampling of pretzel rolls, biscuits and some sort of rye or pumpernickel loaf.

    1. Le Diplomate has one of the best bread baskets I've had in a long time---which was very difficult since I'm trying to cut back on carbs. They have a wheat with raisins which is amazing. Sweet butter---really stellar.

      Another place to consider is Birch and Barley. Their baker/pastry chef is probably the best in the city and this is carried through to the breads. I'm told their brunch is amazing, but I've only personally been for dinner.

      For biscuits I really like Acadiana's bread basket. Also great for dinner or brunch (get the deviled eggs as well).

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        I haven't been to le Diplomate but it has been getting high marks on the bread by all accounts.

        I have never been disappointed by the bread at Central and RIS.

      2. Not sure where you're targeting, but one option is Lightfoot in Leesburg. They have their own bakery next door to the restaurant. If you want to hit the bakery, check ahead of time for hours - when we go it's usually for dinner and the bakery is long closed by then.

        1. Green Pig Bistro in Arlington, VA has very good bread and biscuits.

          I really like the pretzel breadsticks and rolls at Lyon Hall, one order is a huge serving. Their bread is baked next door at Northside Social Bakery and is pretty darn good, their doughnuts are really good.