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Jun 19, 2013 06:51 AM

Portland Pie now open in Reading

Tried one of the pizzas on Monday (the Moosehead). Finally, some decent pizza (and beer!) in Reading. Nothing that will blow your socks off, but a place like this is sorely needed in the area.

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  1. the menu looks worth a try. surprised not more here have tried it yet..

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      I think they just opened this week. We are going to try it out on Saturday.

    2. Thanks for the heads up. I will try it within the next few days

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      1. re: Frank Enbean

        Well, I ended up going tonight. It's a nice place and the staff was very friendly. The pizza was just OK. A little greasy, kind of a pan style crust. They had a good selection of Maine beers- Gritty's, Shipyard, Sea Dog. I wouldn't drive out of my way to go here, but it was decent and the prices were pretty good and the service was nearly perfect.

      2. We went for lunch today and had the Moosehead pizza on the 14 inch thin beer crust. As you can see from the pic, the crust wasn't very thin - more like a hand-tossed crust than what I would consider a thin crust. The regular crust pizzas at the tables near us seemed very thick and bready. Our pizza was cooked perfectly and was quite tasty. The menu also has a long list of apps, salads, sandwiches, and pasta as well as pizza. The decor is fresh and clean, and we experienced excellent service. This is a great addition to the options in Reading.

        1. We had take-out from here the other night and found it so-so and kind of expensive. 2 10" pizzas and 1 7" kids pizza came to $31. I can't remember what pizza my husband got (it was primarily pepperoni). I had "old speck" which is vegan - just veggies. The crust was definitely pan style and a little soggy but that could have been the effect of take-out. None of us were blown away though my husband did say that the pepperoni was really high quality.

          We live very close so I think we will eat-in at some point to give it another chance but I doubt it will be a destination for us too often. We'll just have to wait for Otto to open up in Lynnfield. :-)