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Jun 19, 2013 06:35 AM

Gunshow menu

Excited for Gunshow on Saturday. Anyone been? Any must haves? Try everything?

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  1. Please write a review after! This is my spot for my next date-night with hubby, so I'd love to hear!

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      Well I can honestly say I was disappointed. While I tasted some very good things, I wasn't really blown away by anything. Also, it's very, very loud and a bit frenetic.
      Also, very expensive in my opinion for just sharing small plates. It was $200 for 4 people without alcohol (With the $0 corking fee we brought our own wine).
      I was even a little hungry when we left.
      So, if you like the concept (southern dim sum) you'll most likely enjoy trying the food. If you want a nice evening with friends to chat, or with your spouse, this is not the place.
      I might return in the winter to try that season's food, but will not consider it a regular place.

    2. It's a fun dining format. It's nice to get to see the composed dishes prior to ordering it. I can honestly say we didn't try anything that was subpar. Standouts were:
      - the pork skin risotto
      - the short rib with spatzle


      1. I really enjoyed Gunshow. I thought it was a great concept and the prices were certainly in line with other small plates restaurants that I've been to (disclaimer: I live in Seattle, which is more expensive than Atlanta). I was with a group of 4 old friends who came from different parts of the country and we all loved it. We ordered nearly the entire menu and the only dud was the pho. Pho is a staple in Seattle, but this version was unlike any I've ever had and there was a serious funk to it. I thought new items came around at just the right intervals. Even the cured salmon was good, and when I saw that on the menu I thought, well, I'm from Seattle I am not ordering that in Atlanta. But it was too beautiful to pass up and it was delicious. I also loved how much seafood was on the menu, as I am mostly a seafood eater.

        The wines were all only $30-$50, which was very impressive. Another poster wrote that it was too loud and frenetic; my take would be that it was lively. I didn't think it was too loud, and I liked the general buzz--it was fun. But again, we were a group of old friends--maybe it's not as great for a date.

        Actually it's funny, I loved this but I often hate small plates when it's just my husband and I. It's a pretty boring format with only 2 people. IMO it works a lot better with a group.

        We spent $388 (before tip) for 5 people, and we had two bottles of wine, and we left stuffed.