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Jun 19, 2013 06:30 AM

Dinner around the Wallace Collection [London]

Hi all,

I'm coming to London soon and I've been asked to make dinner reservations for 2 near the Wallace Collection, but I have very very limited experience with London restaurants and don't even know where to start. I'm hoping to stay w/in walking distance of the Wallace (maybe 20 minutes?) and keep the price around 40-50 USD/person. I'm finding many gastropubs (which are fine, as long as the food is solid and it's not too rowdy or loud) or things well out of my price range. Any thoughts? Many thanks!

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  1. Is the $40-50 including drinks or just for food?

    I'd take a look at Vinoteca Seymour Place and Donostia around that price depending on what kind of food you fancy. Or 28-50 Marylebone.

    Vinoteca and 28-50 are both quite wine drive but really nice places.

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      mostly food -- one half of the party doesn't drink, so that would just need to be drinks for one (so a drink or two).

      1. re: dixhuiter

        I'd say you would probably be able to keep to that budget at those places I've suggested as long as you didn't go bonkers.

    2. Trishna? Or maybe too expensive?