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Jun 19, 2013 06:28 AM

Best Waterfront Dining

This one could be a challenge--best dining on the water in Montreal and area? If the place isn't 'on the water', it should at least have a great view of some body of water. Al fresco option is a plus.

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  1. Does that ever exists ???

    There might be something on the West-Island or in Lasalle, Lachine

    But most waterfronts are either parks, condos, industrial areas (port, ... )

    The best suggestion would be to get food-stuff from a market and make a piknic in those parks.

    I know there are some "croisière" with eating on the St-Laurent ( ).

    Is that what you are looking for ?

    1. At l'arrivage if you ask to be on the balcony you can see the water well.

      Terrace Bonsecours is more of a club at night but they do serve food and its right on the water overlooking a yacht club.

      There are a ton of places on the Lachine canal but most (all?) are across the street from the water.

      1. While I wouldn't consider any of them fine dining. There are a bunch of places along the strip in Sainte Anne de Bellevue that have waterfront terraces.

        There is a similar but not quite as large setup in Lachine.

        The Terrace Saint Ambroise has snacks and great beer.

        I haven't been, but I have heard that the Bistro des Moulins is on water

        And while it's not quite a terrace, the Lasalle Driive-In has great food (Peter's Special) and a waterfront view with grass and picnic tables.

        L'Arrivage at Pointe a Calliere, looks over the entire old port.

        You also might want to look at what's available in places like Hudson, Longueuil, Laval, Chambly and Saint Jean. I'm not as familiar with their restaurants, but they are all on some body of water.

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        1. re: EaterBob

          That's what I'm looking for. Places that are on the water, in the Montreal and surrounding area (Laval, South Shore, West Island) AND maintain at least some degree of Chow worthiness.

        2. Crescendo in Verdun is on the water. It is not bad at all.

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          1. re: hala

            I was in a hurry when I wrote this, so did not have details.

            We went there a while ago and we enjoyed it. It is close to a park and the beach so it was really fun for the kids. We had bruschetta which was freshly made. My pasta was delicious, not over cooked even though it was a bit salty, but is there a place in MTL that makes unsalty pasta? I remember the desert being good, but I don't remember what it was. At the end of our meal SIL asked for a box to take her leftovers and the waiter whisked away the plate saying he would wrap it up for her. Well, ten minutes later he comes back with a containter saying that her leftovers had been thrown out by mistake and that they had made her a new (complete) entree and packed it up.

              1. re: hala

                I hear their breakfast is very decent too. Beautiful place on a sunny morning.

            1. How about The Willow Inn in Hudson?