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Jun 19, 2013 04:56 AM

Yours truly coming back for a visit and would love your opinions on several food categories.

Will be there July 25-28th and my goals are the following.
-The best Italian-should be in fine dining place anywhere within walking distance to Copely Sq including the N end. ( I walk a lot)
-the best Lobster roll-more for lunchtime meal so casual fine.
--the best clam chowder-on my last visit I tried 5 places and Legal's was my favorite. I plan to do that again but willing to try something else if it's out there.
-best sushi-no dumpy place with ghetto food-I want quality inventive sushi/sashimi done by experts in the field.
-best martini in a place that has larger bar-I want a fun crowd but not so crowded to enoy my libation.
As usual-thanks in advance!! UES Mayor dying to revist old stomping grounds!!!

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  1. My thoughts -

    Scampo in the Liberty Hotel for Italian
    Lobster roll - Neptune Oyster or Island Creek Oyster Bar, but there are many posts on this topic on the board. A to-go roll from James Hook is fun too..
    Chowder - do you like this thick or Rhode Island style?
    Martini - hit Drink in the Seaport District..

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    1. re: grant.cook

      who serves rhode island chowder around here?

    2. Best sushi is probably O Ya.

      the lobster roll debate is pretty endless, and there are several long threads debating the best ones. I like the roll at Legal's, and I like Legal's harborside location.

      Martini...I suspect the best to be had is at the Oak Bar, but I haven't been there since they remodelled and re-opened. But that is right in Copley Square, so a good choice. I also love the bar at Eastern Standard, and the Hawthorne right next door, and I feel sure they both make a quality martini.

      1. o ya or uni for sashimi.

        if you're looking for a nice space and a simple gin martini i'd vote one of our 4-star hotel bars, like the 4 seasons or the oak bar. no need to shoulder bump at drink unless you're looking for craft cocktails. if you ARE looking for something more like an aviation or a pisco sour, i'd head towards esk or the hawthorne.

        i'll offer erbaluce for italian. the food is understated and delicious and the wine list is terrific.

        1. I think the idea of a singular best anything is kind of silly, but that's besides the point I guess.

          Italian, places like Scampo and Prezza probably fit the bill.

          There are roughly 519 threads about lobster rolls on this board. I'd suggest doing a search and using location & ambiance as your deciding factor.

          Oishii, Uni and O Ya are the best sushi/sashimi spots at the high end. You can drop some serious coin at any of these spots.

          There are any number of places to get a good cocktail. Eastern Standard comes to mind if you want a more traditional restaurant experience. Places like The Hawthorne and Drink would be good choices if you're thinking a cocktail bar.

          1. For sushi/sashimi, if price isn't an object and you have never been there, O Ya is a great place to visit once. It is a bit non traditional, but highly inventive as you requested. I wouldn't waste your time at Uni, it doen't deliver for the $ and you have far superior places in NYC. Oishii SE would be a bit less pricey than O Ya and does a very good job.

            If you are looking for a higher end type meal and place, Sorrellina would be my choice for Italian and it's right in Copley Square.

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            1. re: Gabatta

              i think that Uni is good, and i eat sushi in Manhattan regularly, the last time 2 weeks ago. And my partners usually treat, and money is never an object.

              that said, i like to get take out from Sakayana (I hope that i spelled that right) in Allston/Brighton.