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Jun 19, 2013 04:55 AM

Moving to Chattanooga / Cleveland - best eats and looking for gluten free

I'm looking for some help as our family is moving from Maine to the Chattanooga / Cleveland area. We will be living out of a hotel for a while and will eat out lots. But we are a foodie family. My kids favorite show is DDD. We will eat anything as long as it's quality, not just quantity. The other factor is my wife has Celiac and must be GF. Where do we go?

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  1. Champy's.
    It's right across the street from UTC and has awesome food. The fried chicken is the best I've had. They make great delta tamales and pretty much anything else I've had has been great.

    If you venture a little bit out of town along 24 you'll find S. Pittsburg and a terrific drive in called Dixie Freeze. You can get drive in food or do meat n 3. All home made. Make sure you leave room for dessert too.
    The Lodge (cast iron) Factory Outlet is a couple blocks away. Some good deals to be had there.


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      Thanks for the suggestions. I drove by the place and it looked like it was worth a stop. Sugar's downtown was a great find. I didn't actually try the BBQ. We had appetizers and drinks at the front bar. Everything was great, especially the Butt Poppers!