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Le Marais

I'm going out tonight with my family and would appreciate any reviews and recommendations. It used to be a reliable spot for solidly prepared steaks at moderate prices -- at least when compared to Prime Grill et al. I'm wondering if LM still has the magic. Reviews on Yelp are very mixed.

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  1. I haven't been there in a year, but that's always been my sense. The food is solid at moderate prices. I don't think it's as wow as Prime Grill et al, but it won't cost a mortgage payment either.

    1. I agree as well - when I go to NYC it is always on my list of places -

      1. Le Marais is still wonderful. I've got about four time in the past twelve months and each time they still manage to do amazing things. Even after all the years and many spots coming and going, still highly recommneded.

        1. Last time I was there (6 months) ago I wasn't impressed. Service was awful, steaks came out cold and cooked wrong. When the finally got it right, the steaks were good, but I won't run back there.

          1. The last time I was there, I had some amazing meat dish with even better sides of turnips...or were they parsnips? I couldn't see the food on my plate, it was too dark.

            Food is good. I just wish they could brighten the lights. Ambiance makes a big difference.

            1. My husband I went there a few weeks ago for dinner. It has been one of our favorite places. Unfortunately, it was awful. My husband ordered his usual hangar steak well done. It came rare and cold.

              I ordered the special - smoked and braised short ribs. What I was served was a very large rib smothered in bbq sauce and it was tough. I called over the manager and complained that I wasn't served short ribs and he told me it's because it's a kosher cut of meat that it's not "short" and tough. Apparently he's never been to Mike's Bistro or Prime Grill.

              They took it back and I ordered a rib eye medium rare. It came out cold and well done.

              An expensive and dissappointing meal.

                1. Wow, quite a mixed review (not unlike those on Yelp). I think it's a given that everyone agrees the place is noisy and that service is...less than what it should be.

                  But, I'm puzzled how some of you (cheesecake17, Ilenem) have had horrible experiences with the food (e.g. steaks not cooked to order and served cold) while others rank it high. Sounds to me like it's a gamble. Hello kosher restaurant roulette, I suppose. Oy.

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                    Actually i think it is just a matter of 'we're kosher so it's good enough" policy. I think that there was a thread about this topic a few weeks ago. It is just terrible but we continue to go there.

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                      I guess it depends if its crowded or not. Also, I noticed that the waiters pretty much ignore tables who don't order liquor. We're not drinkers, and it seems like the staff couldn't care less about our table

                    2. Their brunch is a great deal- I've always had good experiences with the food. It's very loud in the restaurant though.

                      1. As a follow up, our family of 5 had a great meal. We ordered two of the steak au poivre, two medaillions of steak and one steak frites. All were cooked as requested and, yes, served hot!