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Jun 18, 2013 07:26 PM

Moist wedding cake in Raleigh-Durham

Hello All!

I'm planning my wedding for next May and in order to fit into my wedding gown I need to at least narrow down the field of cakes to try. And with your advise I might be able to only visit a few bakeries. :)

My goal is to find an incredibly moist wedding cake with a simple design and basic flavors.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Miel Bons Bons, Bonnie can do anything she trained in France, just tell her what you want.

    1. Cinda's Creative Cakes. She did our wedding, baby shower, and our daughters first birthday. Absolutely wonderful cakes.

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        Cinda's was already on my list! Thanks for the recommendation!

      2. We used Mitchell's catering to do our cakes and it was good. They have free tastings each month but you'll have to give them your email or call and ask them when they are. I think it was probably better priced than say Miel's. I'd also check into Tier Bella. I was NOT impressed with Southern Season or Sugarland.

        We may have gone with Tier Bella, Sweet Memories, or Simply Cakes.

        1. I can recommend two sources for wedding cakes in Raleigh.

          We have had wedding cakes from both and were very pleased with the results in both cases.

          1. Catering Works ( at 2319 Laurelbrook Street) does a fine job with wedding cakes, as they do with all aspects of catering.

          2. Edible Art ( at 3801 Hillsborough Street) is a stand-alone bakery that produces a fine wedding cake.