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Jun 18, 2013 07:14 PM

What's for Dinner #226 - Last Hump Day before Summer Starts (thru Jun 22, 2013)

Is it summer where you are? Or are you still getting rain and coolness of Spring? Are you still thinking comfort foods in the chilly weather, or is grilling and summery salads where you're at?

Let us know - it's all good here!

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  1. I am 50 miles south of SF and this afternoon was a sunny, warm 82. Currently 8:30PM and breezy. Boneless chicken thighs were on special so I prepared Tandoori chicken, and oven-roasted yard-long beans seasoned with cumin, turmeric, minced garlic and ginger then drizzled with mustard oil. Leftover chicken is destined for Butter Chicken later in the week.

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    1. re: letsindulge

      That looks lovely letsindulge. I was just looking at a Tandoori salmon recipe for next week.

    2. Well, WFD (in the "OLD" thread) didn't happen. No brauts, kraut or German Potato Salad!. Picked up the dear pooches dish to refill water and to my horror - ants - tons of those pesky little ants under his dish - and overnight too! So, first off is a round of spray, then a line of (mixture of boric acid/sugar/water) water bottle lids in a line of the ants. We'll see what morning brings. Needless to say, the kitchen is blocked off to the pooch for now. The ants seem to gravitate to the lids, so let's hope it works!

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      1. re: boyzoma

        Ick on the ants. Hate those little buggers. Hopefully your spray and boric acid mix gets 'em!

        1. re: boyzoma

          I've just had an ant issue here as well. Got the exterminator in, but we were still seeing them, so they came back, and appear to be gone. I hope they stay gone. We were even seeing them upstairs. Begone, buggers!

          1. re: boyzoma

            Putting the dish in a pie pan full of water usually works. They won't cross the "moat." Cucumber peels in the area seems to work, too.

            1. re: boyzoma

              Three to one ratio - vodka and water (and none for you!) - your ants will be dead by tomorrow.

              1. re: acssss

                Is that 3 vodka to one water? And why can't I have any?? I could sit in my chair and watch the little buggers die! (I'm not really a sadist or anything).

                On an up note, I did make the brauts, kraut and german potato salad tonight. Was delish!!!!!

                1. re: boyzoma

                  answer to first Q: yes
                  answer to second Q: because you have to be alert to kill the ants

                  Well, I guess after they are dead, you can drink what is left over

                  1. re: acssss

                    <Well, I guess after they are dead, you can drink what is left over>

                    Do strain it first.

                2. re: acssss

                  I like Vodka and Soda and I have never had problems with ants. Guess it must work, huh? ;-)

                3. re: boyzoma

                  Yikes! Good luck w that boyzoma. So disruptive isn't it?

                4. Warm weather here, plus plenty of humidity and pesky tiger mosquitos.

                  I came home from work last night pretty uninspired to cook but turned out my sisters in law were over. We ended up cooking up a storm mainly to use up my CSA bounty: Chicken thighes browned with sweet onion, garlic, and various peppers; stir-fried garlic scapes and green beans; sauteed chard with some purple cauliflower; and garlic scape pesto. Some of the recipes were inspired by Madison's Vegetable Literacy as it was out on the counter as we cooked.

                  Tonight, no clue yet. I'm a seat of the pants cook, apparently.

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                  1. re: tcamp

                    I like the idea of the scapes with green beans. ::::reminding myself to pick up green beans::::

                  2. We havnt been eating out locally too much in recent weeks. Going to rectify that tonight with a trip into the city for Thai food (and, rumour has it, we'll be going out to a local Indian place on Friday)

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                    1. re: Harters

                      Harters, you are not allowed to call where you are going "the city". That term can ONLY be used by people going to New York City. :-)

                      1. re: Fowler

                        I'm foreign, so usual rules don't apply :-)

                        1. re: Fowler

                          Dahling. Manhattan only. After all, the Bronx is in NYC.

                        2. re: Harters

                          It's also used to refer to the real "the City", San Francisco :)

                        3. My son has his book club tonight and the hosting mom invited all of us to stay and have dinner. Very excited.

                          I am in charge of apps so I am going safe with my usual Ina's roasted shrimp cocktail. I have farm share pick up later today so am hoping to do something with that as well. Being that its NE its mostly greens so I am thinking a thin crust pizza topped with fontina and mushrooms. Right before serving I will add some arugula that has been tossed with olive oil and lemon juice.

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                          1. re: foodieX2

                            How old is your son? I've never heard of boys having book clubs (or maybe he's grown?), but I think that's wonderful.

                            1. re: roxlet

                              He is 11 and he has been meeting with same boys since last year. It's awesome! This past month they read Chomp by Carl Hiasson.

                              1. re: foodieX2

                                I had never heard of boys going to book club either but that is refreshing. So much better than just sitting around playing video games. You obviously are doing a great job of parenting, foodieX2.

                                  1. re: foodieX2

                                    I have an 11 year old too and he loved all of Hiaason's kid books (and so did I).

                                    1. re: tcamp

                                      Me too! The young adult ones are as entertaining as his grown up books.

                                      1. re: foodieX2

                                        Me 3, I love anything he writes :)
                                        Nice to hear about a boys' book club. Just when I think it's sad that reading a book is a dying thing, I see something like this and it makes me smile.

                                  2. re: foodieX2

                                    I love the pizza idea, it was the combination of my last pizza and it was great. I have been wanting to make the Ina roast shrimp recipe as well as it seems like a winner.

                                    1. re: fldhkybnva

                                      Do try Ina's shrimp. It's just different enough that people rave.

                                      Great minds think alike with the pizza, eh? I am thinking I must have read about as it has been in the back of my mind. I am sure I have you to thank!

                                      1. re: foodieX2

                                        I threw some asparagus and onions on as well if I remember since I needed to use them up. I'm not even that big of a pizza fan and it's great. Perhaps I'll pull out some frozen dough and make another soon thanks to your inspiration.