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Jun 18, 2013 06:59 PM

Trip with Mimi and 8 month old...

Lurker with a first post..

My wife, a Louisiana native, and I will be visiting NO in late July. Along for the trip will be our eight month old daughter and Mimi. We enjoy eating out but for this trip obviously need to find some family friendly options. Thankfully grandma has offered to babysit any night we are interested. Would love some thoughts on the following itinerary, especially with regards to the "kid-friendliness" aspect of the lunches.

- arrive and check in to Terrell House B&B
- Dinner for wife and I at Coquette

- breakfast at B&B
- general sight seeing
- cafe du monde for a snack at some point
- Lunch options either po' boys (Central Grocery, Parkway Tavern or other recommendation) or Prix Fixe menu at August (ok for baby during lunch?)
- Dante's Kitchen for dinner (adults only) or Three Muses for small plates and music.

- breakfast at B&B
- WWII Museum
- Late lunch at Cochon (any recommendations on restaurant vs. butcher)
- Any dinner recommendations welcome

- Jazz brunch at Commander's Palace

Would also love any recommendations for activities that would be 8 month old friendly!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Central Grocery doesn’t have great seating options so I’d take the streetcar to parkway for lunch on Thursday. I wouldn’t do August with an 8month old, but that’s just my opinion. Dante’s Kitchen and Three Muses are totally different atmospheres. Both good, but if you are looking for more entertainment go to Three Muses. If you are looking for more coziness, head to Dante’s. Cochon Butcher isn’t condusive to kids. Try the American Sector for lunch after WW2 Museum and then hit Cochon for dinner that night. The Jazz Brunch on Saturday will be perfect. There’s a Children’s Museum in the Warehouse Disctrict, but your kid might be too young for that. I think you’ll mostly be dragging a kid around for adult activities. Maybe take a ride on the ferry across the river. If you want, there’s a place called the Monkey Room for kids to play in not far from the Quarter.

    1. Saw this article at and thought of this thread.

      It might be helpful: