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Jun 18, 2013 06:36 PM

In miami beach. Need some recs north of south beach

Hey everyone, I've been looking through the boards, and on fantastic recommendation we ended up and puerto sagua for lunch, which was awesome, and I've followed the threads for great south beach eats, but were staying on around 65th and Collins and looking for some closer eats than having to drive all the way to south beach. Tpigeon or Any other experts have some advice? We were looking at eating at captains tavern and versailles at some point even though those aren't close to here. We want any and all types of food... Just need delicious.

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  1. North Beach (primarily around Collins Ave. in the 60s and 70s) has a great variety of lower-priced options from many different parts of Latin America:

    - Las Vacas Gordas - Argentine parrillada (a bit pricey, and sometimes somewhat surly service, but still good)
    - El Rey del Chivito - Uruguayan chivito sandwiches are their specialty
    - Moises Bakery - very good Venezuelan and Argentine baked goods (tequeños, cachitos, empanadas); more of a take-out place
    - Mixtura - Peruvian, one of the nicer-looking restaurants in this area, and pretty good food.
    - Buenos Aires Bakery - good baked goods; their churros are much better than Manolo down the street
    - Sazon Cuban Cuisine - reasonably good Cuban food; if you liked Puerto Sagua you'll like Sazon.

    Along the 79th Street Causeway is Sushi Deli / Japanese Market, my favorite local sushi spot (very small & primarily lunch hours Wed-Sun)

    Just a bit further north is Bal Harbour, where I'd recommend Josh's Deli (Jewish-style deli, everything made in house), Makoto (Japanese, with great sushi and very good cooked dishes as well), and J&G Grill (high end Jean Georges place in the St. Regis)

    Not quite as far south as South Beach are the Mid-Beach resorts - Fontainebleau (Hakkasan, Scarpetta) and Eden Roc (1500°) in particular.

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    1. re: Frodnesor

      Frod, what is your opinion on Tamarind these days? I have not been in a long time but it is right in the neighborhood.

      To the OP, Frod, knows this neighborhood much better than I do. All I can do is second some of his recs that I have been to somewhat recently (Chivito, Josh's Deli, Sushi Deli (very much so)).

      Makoto and J&G grill are both very good but they are expensive. I think both of these restaurants are somewhat overrated as neither blew me away.

      I second the restaurants in the fountainbleu as well as 1500 but Scarpetta and Hakkasan are very expensive, 1500 is expensive.

      1. re: tpigeon

        Tamarind is OK - a notch better than most local Thai places (not saying much) but not as good as Panya in North Miami.

        Makoto is somewhat pricey but I don't find it overly priced nor overrated. The only better sushi is at Naoe (I think the fish may be a little better than SushI Deli, though I prefer Chef Michio's rice) and I like many of the prepared dishes - the ono sashimi with orange ponzu, the frosty kobe fried rice, the ramen and the cold sesame noodles in particular.

        L2M - I've never been wowed by the food at Boteco though the Saturday feijoada is fun. Am I ordering wrong or are you just drinking more caipirinhas than me?

        1. re: Frodnesor

          I will just have to try Makoto again and I really need to go to Panya one day...

          By the way, I say overrated for Makoto because many believe it to be a top 10 Miami restaurant. I am not there.

          1. re: Frodnesor

            I'm drinking more caipirinhas than pretty much anybody when I go there. It's just basic but I like the atmosphere.

            As an aside I completely forgot, and can't believe we all did, Lou's Beer Garden. They specialize in craft beer and have a great little menu. Only negative is that it's completely outdoors and on a muggy day it can get to you.


        2. re: Frodnesor

          In addition to Frod's recs and sticking further up 79th St. Causeway you've got Boteco, which is a very casual, chill place for Brazilian food. There's also a decent Cuban bakery called Yiya's which I'd go to only if you were making your way toward Biscayne.

          On an unrelated note, Captains Tavern is a pretty long haul from where you are. Is there a particular reason for making the trek or are you just looking for seafood? Captain Jim's in N. Miami is much closer and may have what you're looking for.

          1. re: lax2mia

            If you want good simple seafood I might try Fifi's on Collins Ave. & 69th rather than go all the way to Captain's Tavern or even Captain Jim's. I've not been, and I have some skepticism from looking at the menu, but I've heard it's good.

        3. Do as Frod and Tpigeon have instructed....They know Miami Beach bettter than anyone....Don't pass go...don't collect $200...and do as they say....and you'll be happy you did......

          Ft. Pierce, FL