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Jun 18, 2013 06:07 PM

VERY annoying STROBING ad!

There's an ad on the right side that is strobing rapidly from bright white to black -- just the sort of thing that could set off a seizure in an epileptic. Just says "click here" and something about strawberries. Hard to even look at. Tried to get a screen grab, but it came up blank. This is just about the most annoying ad I've ever seen on the web, anywhere.

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  1. I'm not epileptic, but that's exactly the kind of thing that triggers a migraine for me (intense flashing lights will do it). Oh, you advertising people. I understand we need your kind. I let my eyes stray charitably over your wares from time to time, to support these websites. Do you have to torture us?

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    1. re: khh1138

      If you take a screen grab or let us know who the advertiser was, we can try to track it down and get it shut down. Otherwise, it's hard to know what steps we can take for you.

      1. re: meshane

        It disappeared shortly after my original post (that same day). Again, I had tried to get a screen grab, but it came up blank.