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Jun 18, 2013 05:33 PM

Are there any hidden gems on the South Shore?

Meeting Mother In Law Swank halfway from the Cape for a nice meal out. We're hoping to rendezvous someplace in the Duxbury/Cohasset area. Type of food doesn't matter -- mainly looking for something original, not a chain, befitting a nice occasion. Any ideas?

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  1. Standard answer is Solstice in Kingston. Not much else that's worthy in the area.

    However, given that you're okay with going to Cohasset, there may be worthy choices there of which I'm unfamiliar.

    1. you may want to search Plymouth; we really liked the Blue
      Eyed Crab.

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        I was going to suggest the Blue Eyed Crab in Plymouth as well. Great cocktails to smooth over dinner with the in law. Not a special occasion place though, just comfortable and yummy.

      2. Carmella's in Kingston (Exit 9 off 3, left at top of ramp), was surprisingly good our last visit. Excellent eggplant parm. Best I've had in a long time. Everyone else in our party (8), had various menu items aqnd all were very happy. They also have some very good home made pasta. Went nicely with the eggplant.

        1. Others may disagree, but I don't find either Blue Eyed Crab, or Carmella's befitting a special occasion, and by a rather large margin. Especially Carmella's which, IMO, is merely average..

          1. It's a bit further south than you were thinking but I really like the Rye Tavern in Plymouth (exit 3). Very pleasant atmosphere, especially outside in the nice weather. The menu changes seasonally (they have their own vegetable and herb garden) but if the ribs are on the menu, I always get those. Also, their Stagecoach cocktail is really good. I like the Blue Eyed Crab too, but it feels somewhat more casual to me. (Not that the Rye Tavern is fancy, but to me it feels a little nicer.)