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Jun 18, 2013 04:31 PM

Northern Vaucluse, near Drome

We are renting a house for a family vacation in a small village, Grillon, north of Orange and south of Montelimar. We are a large group, including small children and older teens. We don't expect to eat together in restaurants every night as we are looking forward to shopping and cooking. However, are there recommendations for good restaurants for either lunch or dinner? We aren't too worried about price and want to focus on great food. Places that would be comfortable for children would be a plus.


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  1. It's about an hour away, but we had a fantastic meal last September at Auberge de la Clue in Plaisians, a little village up in the hills on the north side of Ventoux with wonderful views. Hearty fare such as civet of wild boar and duck stew. Complementary cadeaux (homeade head cheese, pate, or terrine) and the most wonderful gratin potatoes. A good selection of salads (foie gras, geisiers, fruits de mer) rounds out the set menu. Excellent desserts (apricot tart, homeade sorbets and ice creams). Set menus at 25 euros.

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      Intrigued by this mention of Auberge de la Clue in Plaisians, and because we will be in the area next Spring, I looked it up and found, among other promising reviews, this:

      It's now on our list, including possibly for staying overnight (it seems they have two rooms). Thanks! -- Jake

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        Thanks so much for these great idea. I think our biggest problem is that we have only a week!


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          I should also mention that Auberge de la Clue is very kid friendly with lots of space on the terrace and some areas to run around.

          We also had a nice meal at Coteaux et Fourchettes in Cairanne, probably 30 minutes from Grillon. Very good value for more modern cuisine at 29 euros for the 3 course menu. Big focus on the wine list drawing from many good local producers.

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            We too had a wonderful lunch in early May at Côteaux et Fourchettes, and it's worth noting that the wines served in the restaurant are available in the shop next door. If you head north from Grillon instead of south, I can recommend Les Hospitaliers in the small town of Le Poët-Laval, with a terrace overlooking the lovely countryside.

      2. It's been a long time since I was at Beaugraviere in Mondragon. Does anyone have a current review?

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          I go to the Beaugraviere on a fairly regular basis. Guy Julien's food is delicious, and he is as funny as ever. Even though the restaurant needs updating, I love the old style ambiance. The terrace in good weather is great. However it is located just off the old N7 (D907) just north of Orange. This is not a posh spot for a restaurant.

          Great seafood and meats, foir gras, fresh spring vegetables, truffles in winter, and more.

          The Beaugraviere is very popular with French families, and both French and Americans in the wine business.
          Menus are about 32 euros (3 courses) and 50 euros (4 courses.) Truffle menus are of course a lot more. There is an a la carte menu. The wine list of Rhone wines may be the best in the world.

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            So, Beaugraviere sounds very nice. Thanks for the information.

        2. In addition to writing about Auberge de la Clue in Plaisians noted below, we have also enjoyed wonderful meals at Le Poème de Grignan Restaurant in nearby Grignan, and La Charrette Bleue in Les Pilles. The latter is a good place to after the Thursday morning market in Nyons. With a large group including kids, a wonderful place to go for dinner is to La Maison Bleue in Villedieu. You can sit outside on the village square under the plane trees; a fabulous experience. We recommend that you eat out at lunch and eat in at dinner except if you go to La Maison Bleue where it's primarily pizza from the wood-burning oven.

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            Thanks so much for these great ideas, particularly the one about La Maison Bleue. Our general plan is to eat out with the children for lunch since that will be much easier all round, but having a nice place for great pizza sounds delicious.