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Jun 18, 2013 03:22 PM

Detroit Metro, north to Flint

Any good restaurants in between Detroit airport and Flint? Looking for maybe something Americana as there will be a picky eater amongst us. But open for other suggestions as well. It will be lunch during the week.

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  1. If you're taking US23, then stop at The Laundry in Fenton. Their have a good menu and the salads are huge as are the sandwiches. Not cheap but you won't be hungry when you leave.

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      I agree with The Laundry. This place is awesome! They give you enough food for 2 meals. I love their turkey meatloaf and my fiance is obsessed with their pasta with sausage and broccolini.

    2. Zingermans is not that far out of the way, Ann Arbor.
      Ditto, The Root, White Lake Township.
      Ditto, Tria, Dearborn.
      Diamond Jim Brady's, Novi.
      Toasted Oak, Novi.
      Recipe's, Novi.
      Deli Unique, Novi.
      Wheat & Rye, Airport/Romulus.