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Jun 18, 2013 02:22 PM

Tex-Mex in Lewisville/Coppel/Carrollton area

I have had several requests for Tex Mex places that I do like in this specific area

I personally dine at Tipicos on Beltline just past Josey in Carrollton. Titpicos has been my cheap option for years and they are consistent. Same waitresses and same recipes, always. I usually only go for the enchiladas (Chicken or Cheese) with rice and beans. The beans are not the typical pintos refried but rather flor de mayo. Each bean portion comes with a bit of bacon grease applied just before the trip under the salamander brolier. The salsa is also never to be overlooked, two versions; a salsa fresca and I believe a salsa morita that is warmed.

If I don't want to drive as far it is usually a toss up between Mi Cocina, Cristina's and Agave Azul all in Flower Mound.

If I want an absolutely awesome Tex-Mex meal and money really isn't an issue then I go to Mi Dia from Scratch in Grapevine.

If I want tacos close by it is either Taco Hut on Business 121 and Bellaire or the taqueria in the Chevron on Corporate and Southwest Pkwy

Since I have relatives in Irving, I go to Dona Lencha on Story and 183. If you haven't been it is well worth a visit. Awesome hand squeezed aguas frescas, hand pressed tortillas and non-greasy taco meats. All tacos $1.00. Below is a taco order from this past weekend:

From left to right starting at 6 oclock:

Suadero (Brisket with carmelized onions) our favorite
Mollejas (Sweetbreads - Fried)
Picosa (Very spicy shredded braised beef) - second favorite but have a horchata or agua fresca ready (lemonade was awesome)
Al pastor al trompo (Achiote and cuimn marinated pork with pineapple)
Bistek (Steak)

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  1. Hounder, those tacos look fantastic. I haven't been to Dona Lencha in a while but now I think a visit is long overdue.

    1. I second the Taco Hut on 121. I have been there quite a bit. Also just went to Mi Dia this passed weekend. Duck tacos with a side of street corn. The best. Will definitely have to try Dona Lencha. Thanks for the response.

      1. we ate at Mi Dia from Scratch last night. i am still floating from the meal. the huitlacoche quesadillas were superb; and the skirt steak/relleno combination was .... heaven. hands down my new favorite restaurant in the coppell/grapevine burbs. not sure why it took us so long to get there (ok, i know why...the 8 year old is at summer camp and we are finally able to eat out late without bedtime interfering!)

        1. LewisvilleHounder, wouldn't you say those beautiful tacos are more Mexican than Tex-Mex? This from a Houston sleepy board guy trolling DFW. For a real laugh, troll the New Jersey board and see what passes for Tex-Mex. Oops, just noticed your post is over a year old, but that Mi Dia looks good. We have a wallet buster delicious place down here in El Tiempo, an app or two and a main can easily feed two. The filet fajitas are incredible.