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Jun 18, 2013 01:35 PM

please help with beef crostini

I don't cook much beef at home (enjoy it at restaurants) but I am interested in making an appetizer for an upcoming dinner party. Reading recipes online, looks like the tenderloin is the way to go. My initial thought was cooking a skirt steak (alton brown recipe) & slicing that as I've never made a tenderloin. Also, was thinking of serving with chimichurri sauce or red pepper aioli.

Also, can I make the tenderloin a day ahead? FWIW, I always cook non-veg dishes day of party. Lastly, this would be for about 10-12 people, along with other apps.

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  1. also good on a bed of caramelized onions or with a smidge of horseradish

    1. If you cook the tenderloin I would go the long slow method,250 for 2 hrs. I make a sauce by combining mayo, lemon zest,black pepper, Dijon and lots of Parmesan. Top with a sprig of arugula.

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      1. re: Gloriaa

        And it isn't really dry?
        I cook tenderloin to med. rare. Seared, then baked in oven to 120/125 at a higher heat.
        Doing the day before is perfect and all you need to do is let it warm up to get the chill off before serving.
        It's a pretty neutral cut of beef, so give it a kick with your choice of topping. Go wild!

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          Not at all. I find it way more evenly cooked. High temp way over cook's the outside and leaves the middle too rare. Ina garten is a convert if that means anything. The down side of low temp is that it is not pretty but sliced thin you could not notice the difference. I like my beef tenderloin very rare and it is delicious low and slow.

      2. You could take a look at this:

        I make it with tri-tip and frozen art hearts; just a personal preference. No reason not to cook the beef ahead in my view, just serve it room temp.

        This is really good sans beef, as well, if there're non-meat eaters in your group.

        1. Thanks for all your replies. Became confused at Costco with the variety of "loins" available...from 7.99/lb for Top sirloin to 19.99/lb for tenderloin usda prime. Settled on tenderloin steak-filet mignon for $13.99/lb...3 thick filets totalling 2.2lbs.

          I think I want to make this...

          But now I'm confused whether to broil/grill or go low & slow. Also, does everyone make fresh horseradish cream or can I buy? Where does one buy fresh horseradish? Thanks.

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          1. re: ceekskat

            I enjoy Kelchner's horseradish in the refrigerated section, so don't have any experience using fresh root. What I do is combine sour cream with prepared horseradish and that's it!
            I adore it with tenderloin.

            1. re: monavano

              Good to know...will check out my local Safeway & gourmet store for prepared stuff as well as fresh.

            2. re: ceekskat

              I you are going with horseradish cream I would top with a bit of arugula for colour and texture. One step further would be the arugula then a bit of caramelized onion or crispy shallot.

            3. If you've gone with a tenderloin I would cook it as quickly as possible (and as little as possible). Tenderloin has very little fat and is ridiculously tender (thus the name...and the price) and doesn't need to be on the heat for very long. I don't see why you can't make it the day before. Let it rest to cool and then wrap it pretty tightly and stick in the fridge. Cold roast beef rocks, it kind of 'sucks' all those juices back in. I don't think I would heat it again, though you could let it come to room temperature before you serve your crostini. The recipe looks wonderful. Feel free to send me an invitation!

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                Will cook quickly then, thanks.