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Jun 25, 2003 03:54 PM

Best Margarita in Austin?

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I just moved here from Colorado, and have yet to have a margarita as good as the on-the-rocks ones served at the Rio Grande Restaurant in Boulder. My first margarita in Austin was at Chuy's, and it was one of the weakest drinks I've ever paid $7 for. I thought it must have been a moving-to-sea-level thing, as I am used to consuming them at a mile high, but then I read further down the board that their drinks aren't well-respected. The best I've had so far was a Mexican Martini at Mesa Rosa. Ask for an extra shot of tequila.

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  1. sorry to say you just missed the best margarita I'd found. There was a short-lived place on the corner of 2222 and loop 360 called Hu-ya's. AMAZING margaritas (real lime juice, top shelf tequila) anyway, rent got the best of them. prices were way to reasonable for the location. Sorry to see them go...

    Hopefully, Frank will have the willpower to reincarnate it into something else.

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      I vote for the mexican martini at Trudy's made with Sauza Hornitos.

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        Trudy's is on my list. Did you see the recent article in the Chronicle about putting together your home bar? I realized I probably have been throwing money down the drain making margaritas with Grand Marnier and Herradurra Silver, so I bought some Bols Triple Sec and El Jimador at Grape Vine market. We'll see how that works out.

        When we went to the Oasis (my first time) last Friday, two Hooter's-style women came over to our table (two adults, boys 3 and 5) to give my husband and me coupons for free microshots of "HORNI-toes." It was one of those low-points in the history of civilization moments.

        And next time we go to The Oasis it will be for "drinks only" on the deck, as someone or two on here suggested. It was so not worth it having dinner there as well, especially dealing with the blockheaded host-staff and the great hike to a table 10 feet away from the table we had our drinks at.

    2. I'm not a big Margarita drinker, but I had a lemongrass Margarita at Saba Blue Water Cafe awhile back.........I loved it! Not sure, if a experienced Margarita drinker would agree.

      1. Try the ritas at Guero's and Curra's--also Cuba Libre has big tasty house ritas. Z Tejas also has good ones...

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          I find the regular margarita at Gueros on South Congrees to be very straightforward and not too sweet. But small for the price.

        2. Oh yeah...Manuel's ain't bad, either...

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            Paul Freudenburg

            Try Fonda San Miguel near 45th and mopac - the food is excellent as well. After 2 of these ritas you won't feel any pain.