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Jun 18, 2013 12:53 PM

Elmhurst Asian Markets

The former dingy and dirty NY Market next to HK Market on 45th and Broadway has closed down and now reopened as U.S. Market. Actually, in Chinese it says "New Dragon..." something or other. Anyway it's bright and clean and well-stocked and organized. Gone are the sushi and tart and dumpling counters. The registers now line that part of the shop. Both the meat and the fish sections have been redone and the stuff looks good. Bought some nice head on shrimp the other day and a lot of produce. I wanted oysters, but they didn't have any so I went into HK Market where you can buy a container of fat, watery west coast ones for around $7. HK Market was practically empty while US was booming along.

Anyway, what are people's experiences with these and the other markets nearby in Elmhurst? Looking for intel on this area down to Queens Blvd. but not as far as Roosevelt and JH area. Some comments from last year in this thread--> . Looking for updates or comparisons.

One thing I was glad to snag from US Market are these addictive Taiwanese wasabi-green tea peanut snacks.

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  1. I love US Market. It's way better than NY Market was., at least as far as seafood. (I'm not impressed by their produce.) Right after it opened was when it was at its best. I bought some live scallops that were unbelievable- the man at the counter said they had just come in. (Yes, he speaks English.) There was no smell at all! (The ones NY Market would occasionally get reeked....) These were the tastiest huge scallops, not only full of roe, but many of them had baby ling (hake) inside them..sauteed them along with the scallops. They were $2.50/lb.Their lobsters are excellent, as are their spot prawns, but they have been too expensive lately. it's still good having Hong Kong right next door. HK has some advantages...its the only place I've seen in Elmhurst that sells larger sized (2.5 lb) Dungeness crabs, and I think the meat is better. My youngest won't eat seafood, so I always pick up duck legs for him. HK's are always fresh...US they're still frozen. There is another big one on Broadway closer to QB, I always forget the name. I used to go there all the time for their large lobsters, which were always reasonably priced. But there is a new lady in charge of the seafood at that end, who ignores me and won't even let me get close enough to the tank to pick one out, so I stopped shopping there.

    1. I lived in the neighborhood when NY Supermarket just opened, and it was clean, with good looking seafood, meats, and all. But after a few years, they didn't take care of the grunge, and I much preferred HK. However, I have always preferred KamLum, or whatever it's called now, New Sparkling somethingorother Supermarket on Broadway, close to Queens Blvd. I always thought the seafood was a bit better than the two big NY/HK markets. But it's been a while since I've been to any of them, so YMMV.

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        They've actually changed in the last 2 years. I am not an expert in them but I am pretty sure there is a significant upgrade going on. There is also a small Vietnamese market, small Thai market and prob more. But you already knew that.

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          I agree with your assessment of NY mkt. Hong Kong has always been consistent. What used to be Kam Lun is the market I had been referring to. Maybe if I spoke Chinese I'd have an easier time. The woman who used to work the live seafood knew me, and was always very nice to me, letting me pick and choose and handle (no lobster will be bought by me unless I can feel how firm and dense it is!) what I wanted. The only word of English she knew was "shrimp", but she was very sweet and accommodating. This new lady is too tough for me......