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Naples Area Recommendations for Honeymoon

I am an Orange County, CA Hounder and need assistance from FL Hounds. I am getting married next week and then i am headed to the Naples area (Fiddlers Creek to be exact) with my wife.

I am looking for restaurant recommendations. I have never been to the area, so i am at a loss.

I know you want information on what we're looking for, but in all honesty, we are a food couple. We are not picky and eat everything and anything. It can be pricey or it can be cheap. It can be romantic or it can be a whole in the wall. Assist me with the "must eat/drink places" in the area, thank you

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  1. A must eat in Naples that's different and possibly not available in your area is Inca's Kitchen for Peruvian. Their seafood is particulary good.


    Fried grouper at Grouper and Chips would be a good lunch.

    IM Tapas is very good and authentic Spanish food.


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    1. If you are staying in Fiddlers Creek you are actually closer to Marco Island than Naples though Naples is only about 15 minutes away. Marco does not really have any great restaurants but if you want to go to the beach some day that is your best choice.

      In Naples Fifth Ave. and Third Streets are most popular for dining. A must Is Osteria Tulia, my favorite. A perennial favorite is Chops City Grill. Both are on Fifth Ave. Campiello on Third Street is very popular with the locals but since Vincenzo their chef left to open Tulia I do not think it is as good. You will hear about Sea Salt & Barbitella but both places are way too inconsistent for me. Lastly, USS Nemo is excellent as well but it is the furthest from where you are staying. Congrats & enjoy. Naples is a fabulous town. I really like living here.

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        I have never been able to warm to Sea Salt, especially after the owner was vicious towards my original comments here. I loved Barbatella the first two times I was there, but it has never approached that quality since. Two mediocre experiences and I was through. Amazing Italian wines however.

        Totally agree about Marco. Dismal choices considering.

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          Your comments are spot on in my opinion

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          Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I am sure we will try most if not all. We're there for 10 days.

        2. I love Bleu Provence but it really cuts back hours off season. Has an older crowd but amazing list of champagnes and excellent traditional French fare.

          Osteria Tulia is a must do, I agree with others on this. Campiello is still good but not the same without the original chef.

          Bay House in north Naples is beautiful and the food is great. Chef is a James Beard fellow. http://www.bayhousenaples.com/

          Truluck's is one of our favorites there.

          Masa, at The Mercato is a great Mexican place. http://www.masa-restaurant.com/index-...
          The Mercato is a vibrate foodie spot with great bars, deli, movie theatre with dining option, and Whole Foods.

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            You all are awesome! I will be honest, i was scared that i would not get any help and for our honeymoon i really want good food. I love the menu for Bleu and will look at the rest now. Thank you so much

          2. If you are looking for BBQ, try either Texas Tony's or Michelbobs. Go to Texas Tony's for the Brisket or Michelbobs for the Ribs.

            For Seafood, go to Steamers. It's not on the water but the lobster roll is to die for.

            Breakfast try Sunburst Cafe. It's a local place, owned by locals. Try the Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffin.

            On the Water location, try HBs on the Gulf. It's in the Naples Beach & Golf Hotel.

            1. Our top picks:

              1) Chops City Grill. THE best steak and sides in Naples
              2) Cafe Lurcat. Fun, creative environment.
              3) Bleu Provence. Excellent quality

              Have NOT been yet to Osteria Tulia but heard great reviews.

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              1. Alright, so we have returned from our honeymoon in Naples/Marco and i thank everyone for their suggestions. We unfortunately only got into DT Naples one night and decided on Trulucks. Trulucks was good.

                I do however want to add as a former chef and current foodie, that Marco offers a few places (those of you who said it had nothing to offer) that were great and one restaurant in particular that was amazing and i will go on record and say is one of the best I've eaten at.

                Great Restaurants in Marco-

                Sunset Grille- We found the drinks and food here to be really good. We had the peel and eat shrimp, which were really fresh, well seasoned and accompanied with a great cocktail sauce with the perfect amount of horseradish. They had a special of Red Snapper ceviche. This ceviche was one of the best we've ever tasted. Extremely fresh. Perfect amounts of diced red onion, jalapeno and avocado. The fried shrimp basket was also great with a good amount of shrimp perfectly fried with a light batter and good fries. Their Margaritas and other specialty drinks were also excellent. Highly recommended.

                Ristorante Davinci- This was a pretty good Italian place. The carpaccio was really good with tender filet, arugula, shaved parm, capers, red onion and olive oil. The calamari was also good. Nice, fresh and tender. The pasta e fagioli soup needed some help, but their minestrone was excellent! They had a special appetizer of fried green tomatoes that was to die for. The wife got on the first visit the Bosco E Mare with angel hair, shrimp, arugula, mushroom, diced tomatoes, basil, garlic in a light tomato sauce. She really liked it. On the 2nd visit she got the Gnocchi Giuseppe- Spinach gnocchi, sauteed in a Gorgonzola cheese cream sauce. She loved it. On visit one i had the chicken parm. I thought it was delicious. On the 2nd visit i had their special of the night which was an Italian chicken cordon bleu. I found it to unique and excellent. The cannoli could be the worst I've ever had. Overall we found it to be our second favorite.

                Philly Grille- We found this place to be quite good as well. I had the prime rib philly cheesesteak and the wife had the lobster BLT. The cheesesteak was extremely tender and delicious. The wife liked her lobster BLT a lot. They get their lobster from Maine. They also served homemade potato chips.

                The highlight of the trip in food terms and in my personal opinion all terms was our visit to the restaurant "Verdi's"

                Everything was amazing from: service, food and wine.

                The duck pot stickers were absolutely life changing. Sauteed duck and vegetables, wrapped in a wheat flour wrapper and fried to perfection. It was served with a great hoisin sauce.

                The clam chowder was the best rendition i have tasted. Fresh little neck clams and most creamiest version with perfect flavor.

                Short Ribs were expertly cooked and were fall off the bone tender. Excellent flavors.

                The wife got the shrimp and scallop pasta sauteed in a lobster tomato gravy (I couldn't try it as i am alergic to lobster) and she said it's the best shrimp and scallops ever. I trust her because i trained her well :)

                To end the evening we got their Key Lime Tart. It had a cookie/nut crust and was the best key lime pie we've tasted and we get it anywhere it's available because it's our favorite.

                I am telling you folks, you have to give it a try. It was so good we tried to return the next evening prior to departing and it was closed that night otherwise i would have tried and reviewed several other items.

                Don't write Marco Island and their food scene off.... give it another shot especially with the recommendations above, but most importantly Verdi's to be transformed!

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                  When we were on Marco in May this year we went to DaVinci and I thought it kind of second rate. I'm glad you found something there to enjoy. They do a good business.

                  We didn't go to Verdi's and I will keep it in mind. I was there a couple of years ago and thought it was not very good. Thanks for posting your thoughts. So many times people seek information here and we never hear from them again. Probably has to do with so many tourist destinations.

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                    Yeah, i feel the same way you do. As a true foodie, whenever i ask for fellow hounders to assist me i always ensure to give feedback after. I am more than grateful for your and everyone's ideas and opinions. I hold them in high regard.