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Jun 18, 2013 12:10 PM

Connie and Ted's

I ate here on Saturday Night ,being a transplant from Massachusetts, I was really interested in seeing what my favorite fish chef from "Providence" would do with the dumbed down concept of the New England Clam Shack.
I was charmed by the location on Santa Monica Blvd the building is beautiful and the napkins ,dishes and decor is very nice. Started with a dozen oysters Chef's Choice which came with a mignonette and some grated horseradish and they were delicious. My wife and daughter had a crab cake and thought it was delicious I personally never touch the stuff.
We each had a Lobster Roll and I also had Fried Clams with the bellies. Both were very big dissapointments .The Lobster Truck does a better Lobster Roll at 12.95 than the 20$ version here ,and the Fried Clams had an awful coating and tasted greasy.
I will go back though because in scanning the tables I saw some fantastic food going out of the kitchen such as a Portugese Stew and whole lobster split down the middle and grilled.
The desserts were on whole good renditions of a Whoopie Pie and Blondie Brownie with Caramel as well as Devil's Food Cake
The whole menu like I said looks great I just had some dissapointing renditions of items from my past
I think I will wait until fall when I am back in New England to order them again

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  1. Thanks for the review. I've been curious, too, being also from Massachusetts. I like the lobstatruck roll. I also really like the one at littlefork. Here's a link with photos if you FB:
    Jason Travi is from East Bridgewater, I think, and his is as close as I've found in LA.

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      Good to know, re little fork. I've got to get over there.

      1. re: bluebandit

        I have always suspected that littlefork is a small-tine operation.

        1. re: bluebandit

          Agree. Jason Travi gets it. Wish he'd fry some clammies.

        2. Oh, that's good to know..... I'm from CT and have been chomping at the bit to go.... I even tried to go for lunch, but they're not serving yet. Maybe I should wait a bit til they get the fried clams down pat.

          1. Thanks for the report! What seafood places have you enjoyed out here?

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              Michael's upscale place "Providence" is fantastic and a must try for fish

              1. re: MaldenBoy

                Not really.
                Just another opinion.

              2. re: andytseng

                Sure do like the iced shellfish platters at Fishing With Dynamite.