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Jun 18, 2013 11:08 AM

Masala kitchen on vp & oconnor... ?

Drove past Masala Kitchen at VP & Oconnor.... has anyone been.

Looking for decent Indian in the neighborhood...

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  1. A word of thanks to fellow chowhounder 'Apple' for bringing this 'Little gem of an Indian take-out place' to our fraternity's attention!

    It took me in excess of 35 minutes to drive down the DVP, with its usual congestion and today's 'Blue Jays crowd', to get to this place. I was glad to report, the food was worth the drive!!

    Fairly modern and clean, this 'micro' version of Babu, with its aroma and food display reminds me of some of the outfits I used to frequent in Tooting, whilst I was working in London some years back. The Indian lady in uniform, who greeted me was most friendly and helpful.

    Now, onto the food! To play safe, I decided to stick with the more traditional and authentic ' Northern Indian curry ' offerings. All dishes were presented in little metallic 'woks' placed inside a huge glass display unit. When I started inquiring about the food and request for a few taste samplings, I knew at once, I came to the right place! First off, I was told they use 'bone-in' chicken in their chicken curry! No white meat!! A good sign! Next, a sample tasting of their Butter Chicken revealed originality in taste and lacking the common 'Commercial Campbell Cream of Tomato' taste! Another welcoming sign! Meat curries revealed small strands of ginger and sprinkled with Cilantro. Nice!!

    All in all I bought small sizes take-outs of:
    - Bone-in Lamb Curry
    - Beef Curry
    - Butter Chicken
    - Chicken Biriyani
    For 'small sizes', the portion was very generous!! Seasoning of the food, IMO, was spot on. Spicily complex but not overly hot. Every dish has its own personality. A sign that no 'generic' sauce was used.
    Really good! IMHO, some of the best tasting Northern Indian Curries in town!!

    Apple, you are in luck! Masala Kitchen is more than decent! Its damn good!!! Enjoy!!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Thanks for making the drive to check this one out Charles and posting your review.

      Shall be making a visit myself VERY soon!

      1. re: Charles Yu

        Charles, you must already know this.... But you're fabulous. I was planning to do some recon when I returned from my vacation, but I am grateful you took the drive down here (as well as to mon k patisserie... Saw your review.)

        I am eager to try as we need half decent Indian options! :)

      2. I stopped by tonight for takeout and was generally impressed but not blown away. If it was closer, I'd be a regular. But it's not so good as to give up my usual Indian spot - Iqbal in Thorncliffe.

        It's clean, modern and the service is very friendly. The prices are ridiculously low. The butter chicken was better than average with a nice mix of white and dark meat but the sauce was a bit too mild. The Lahore biryani was disappointing. Yellow, mildly spiced rice and dry bone-in chicken. The naan was a bit too thick. I like it thin and chewy with some charred spots and lots of bubbles.

        Standouts were the veg/pulse dishes. Nicely layered flavours, very complex and not too greasy. There's a finesse about them that you don't see at many places. And at $3-4 for a "small" serving, which is probably 500ml or more, they are a bargain.

        Everything is already prepared and is sitting in uncovered small woks on a steam table. It's juuuust warm enough on serving and if you're taking out, everything needs a minute in the microwave when you get home.

        I'll be back. I have to try their kebabs and batata vada as well.

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        1. re: hal2010

          Hello hal2010,

          Small world!! I too had curry tonight!! But at one of my favorite sit-down place - Chauhan at Denison and Woodbine.

          First off, fortunately, the Naan I ordered was exactly as 'the likes' you described in your posting, ie.," thin and chewy with some charred spots and lots of bubbles".

          The rest of the meal, we had:

          - Lamb Rogan Gosht
          - Murg Korma
          - Raakra Prawn ( a special chef's creation )
          - Saag Aloo
          - Jeera Pulao Rice

          As in the past, all the dishes were well prepared individually and tasted very good. The previously untried chef's special prawn curry was particularly interesting due to an interesting and mystifying aroma.

          The meal, including tax and tips came to $82! If the same dishes were to be ordered as take-outs from 'Masala Kitchen', the cost will be about 2/3 less!!!!! A testament that Masala Kitchen's food is indeed very good value for money. ( considering food from both establishments were equally delicious!! )

          - I bought my MK's take-out at noon just when they opened rather than late at night. That could be the reason why the chicken in my Biryani was moist and not dry.

          - I doubt, here in the GTA, one can find curries good enough to ' blow people away'!! IMO, even Canada's best - "Vij's of Vancouver", when compared to some of the better ones in London or the Midland's in the UK, quality and taste are still somewhat inferior??!!!