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Jun 18, 2013 10:59 AM

Visiting for the day - need restaurant suggestions please

My husband and I are visiting from out of town for the day. I'm looking for a good lunch and dinner place to eat. We're looking for more American fare or Italian, casual attire and atmosphere (but still sit-down, not a counter or anything) and reasonably priced (less than $$). Can you please provide any suggestions? I've been searching online, and I'm just completely overwhelmed. Thanks!

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  1. If you can specify your food budget per person before drinks, tax and tip, you'll get some targeted suggestions but for a "less than $$" meal you might look into:

    Blue Ribbon Bakery
    The Smith
    The Breslin

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      Might also help if we know what part of Manhattan the OP will be in.

    2. When are you coming? Tomorrow? This weekend?

      What day of the week is this for? Not all restaurants are open all days of the week. Some only do weekday lunch, and not weekend lunch, etc.

      Can you please name a dollar figure for your budget, per person, before tax, tip, wine/drinks?

      $30pp for lunch and $50pp for dinner? More? Less?

      What is your tolerance for waiting in lines for a table? Would you prefer to go by the seat of your pants, or make a reservation somewhere?

      Manhattan has thousands of restaurants, we can't help you without getting some more details.

      1. I'll be coming this upcoming Saturday. We're looking to spend about $25-30pp for lunch and $50pp for dinner. This is without tips or drinks. I'd prefer to make a reservation if possible, and I don't mind a wait. As for where we will be, that's hard to say. We don't have set plans for the day. We've been to the city many many times before but never grabbed a nice dinner (hence my issue). We'll just be winging it, but we won't be heading out of Manhattan (no Brooklyn or anything) and will probably be staying lower than the Upper East/West Sides.

        1. For about $50 pp for dinner (without drinks or tip), here are two suggestions for Italian dinner:
          L'Apicio (downtown)
          Sfoglia (upper east side)

          Casual atmosphere, good food.

          DBGB also a great downtown choice!

          1. Try Ouest on the UWS for dinner.