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Jun 18, 2013 10:40 AM

The Pie Shoppe - anyone TOFTT ?

Not that I have any doubts their offerings are anything short of delish.

New one on Gore, between Union and Gore. Walked by yesterday and peeked inside, but closed on Mondays. Tiny tiny space, seats maybe 6 people. My condo dining area is bigger ! Open from 11 -> 'til they run outta pies.

Chatted briefly with a young feller sitting outside who lives in the condo above. Says their pies are to die for ($7/piece). I asked if they have cream pies, he says no, only fruit pies. Might go back and check out sometime.

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  1. They make great home-style pies! For now they only do fruit based but are working on adding more refrigeration to do cream pies. (would love to see ice cream with them as well)

    A really nice surprise is Stephanie -one of the sister-owners, roasts her own coffee to make excellent aeropress and pour overs.

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    1. I also tried their chocolate pecan pie at the Chinatown Night Market, where they had a stand. Pretty good. It was a whole pie, maybe 5-6". Nothing by the slice at the market.