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King Street Belly Busters Opens Thursday!

Just wanted to let you all know the new Belly Buster location opens this Thursday on King St.

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    1. King and Spadina --> 389 King Street West.

        1. I walked by and it was open today. Popped in to grab a sub but they are cash only and the ATM was on the fritz... A pity. I will try again this weekend.

          1. Went today - had the 6 inch bacon combo (bacon, ham, turkey). A nice fresh sub. Reminded me of Mr.Sub. Nothing special. $8.50 for the sub and a bottle of water.

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              Belly Busters was great 25 years ago when Mario would greet you by name and add a couple..."anybody looking" or "what a way to go my friend". Truth is raw ingredients are really very average..no name, salty meats and average veggies...nothing gourmet...nor artisan...just ain't that good and ain't that cheap!!

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                $8.50 for a SIX inch sub and water....wow.

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                  i've never known that there was even a six inch sub available at belly buster. it's a fantastically crappy sandwich that i've put many friends on to over the years but i refuse to support another location. the owners seem like weiners and it will surely lack the je ne sais quois of the uptown location

              2. I stopped by for a sub this evening as I was in the area. Decided to do a 6" because I wasn't starving and usually the Subway 6" subs will fill me up. I got the turkey/bacon based on a rec from the staff there (That or the Belly Buster were recommended when I asked). I thought it was pretty mediocre. I don't think I would bother going again. I don't think it gives me anything different then a Subway experience and if anything I would say Subway is better. Would much rather walk up to BMB if I have time, or Come and Get It. If tight on time I would say that even the sandwiches/food from the new Aroma in the area is better.
                Maybe I ordered the wrong thing but I recalled positive reviews/mentions of the uptown location and I had been looking forward to trying it.

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                  Belly busters at Yonge and Yorkmills is amazing. I find their subs to be waaaay better than mr.sub and subway. I've never tried the king street location so I'm not sure if it stacks up. They are opening another one right down the street from on Highway 7 and Centre. God I hope it's as good as the original.

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                    Vaughan location is now open and I'm in heaven :)