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Jun 18, 2013 09:45 AM

The Cronut has landed - Vancouver, meet the Frissant

A take on Dominique Ansel's evil genius donut-croissant hybrid has arrived in Vancouver: the Frissant by the Swiss Bakery on 3rd and Main. I dutifully headed there this morning and took the caloric hit for the team.

They had both vanilla and chocolate versions and I bought and tried both (and picked some up for the office). They are as over-the-top as you expect them to be - it is deep-fried croissant dough with pastry cream and sugar after all. My only quibble was that there were huge inconsistencies in the amount of pastry cream filling; some had just a dabble and others were oozingly full.

While I'm sure M. Ansel's originals have a more finesse (and probably more consistent execution), the Swiss Bakery's Frissants were very tasty - and easier than taking the red eye to New York and standing in line for 3 hours.

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  1. Nice one, nms. At a Chowdown on the weekend one of the Hounds said that Kafka's is carrying these as well. I gather they sell out early in both locales.

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      Yeah. Swiss Bakery's board stated they were only making 200 per day. At $4 a pop, it must be working for them.

    2. Mmm, sounds good. Haven't been to Swiss Bakery for awhile. Last couple times I was there were sort of meh (dirty floor, un-waited tables, sloooow service).

      Small digression ..... Little Mountain Coffee Co. (Main/33) has a what I call crinnmon bun ..... a cross between a cinnamon bun and croissant. Very cinnamon-y and flaky (best advised to get them early in the morning).

      1. I had one at Kafka's on Sunday and was going to post about it but as previously mentioned supply is sketchy and it was going to be awhile before they had them again.

        They are good! ...if flakey messy to eat.

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          As long as people don't get carried away with donuts, like this (cringe):

        2. I took a trip to Vancouver this weekend and had brunch at Secret Location in Gastown.

          They have cronuts with two fillings: dark chocolate and white chocolate. Dark chocolate is on the left in the photo; white chocolate is on the right. The stuff on top is aerated chocolate (I think that's what they said).

          I haven't had one of the M. Ansel originals, or any other cronut, so I can't make any comparisons.

          What I can say is that they were beautifully presented and decadently delicious.

          The staff told us that they were trying to have cronuts available every day. They take a while to make and fill so they might not be ready first thing in the morning. I highly recommend trying one if you can.

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          1. re: creepygirl

            Good tip, as I don't see these on their brunch menu online.

            1. re: grayelf

              The cronuts weren't on their brunch menu inside the restaurant, either. We had to ask our waiter about it (my husband follows them on Facebook, which is how we heard about them.)