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Jun 18, 2013 09:23 AM

Yasuda dinner (non-omakase)

Unfortunately, only sitting at a table--is it even worth it?

Any tips on ordering? I like everything

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  1. I ate at a table once...basically ordered a la carte sushi and everything was extremely delicious.

    1. just bumping this to see if anyone else has some feed back

      thanks in advance

      1. You can order omakase at a table. They send the sushi out in "flights" over 4-5 pieces at a time. It's good, but not as good as at the bar.

        For what it costs, you'd probably be better off ordering a la carte when sitting at a table.

        Be aware, the prices have gone up, but they no longer allow tipping.

        On the printed menu, they circle items in red that the chef suggests for that day - feel free to ignore that, I haven't noticed any difference in quality between the "chefs choice" pieces and the rest of the menu.

        For specific ordering - I like to get a succession of the same kind of fish to compare (4 varieties of eel, for example) but that's just personal preference.

        Also, if you like specific kinds of fish, see what less-common varieties they have. For example, if you like scallop and uni, I'd suggest trying kuchiko if they have it (female scallop roe). If you like clam, try their razor clam.

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          One of the best things I ate there is sea eel(anago) So good....literally melted in my mouth.