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Jun 18, 2013 09:12 AM

Moving to Portland - family friendly and take-out/delivery recommendations needed

My family (husband, an almost three year old and a one year old) are moving to Portland in July and I am looking for recommendations both for good family friendly places to eat out (they are both pretty well behaved in restaurants as we have been taking them out regularly) and good places for either take-out or delivery. We will be living in the Rosemont area of Portland if that makes a difference but given what I gather is a relatively easy city to get around, I don't know if it will.

We love all types of food but don't eat meat (fish and seafood yes, just no beef, chicken, etc).


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  1. Also - what about grocery shopping? Are the best options Hannaford or Whole Foods? And does anyone have an option of Sam's Club or BJs?

    1. We've answered the kid friendly dining question pretty recently, so you can likely find good answers in the forums--I believe there were a wide range of opinions--

      For grocery shopping:
      For everyday items, local produce, a fantastic butcher and bakery and a great wine selection, Rosemont Market will be nearby!

      For more involved grocery shopping, you have a Whole Foods, a Trader Joe's and the Hannaford and Shaw's chains with locations nearby. There's also a BJs on Warren Ave in Portland and a Sam's Club in Scarborough.

      I live in the same neighborhood and shop at a mix of Whole Foods, Hannaford, and Rosemont Market. You'll be close to both the Eastgate and Westgate Shaw's--the Westgate is pretty shabby but the Eastgate one is newer with a better selection of items--if you need something quick that Rosemont doesn't carry.

      For farmer's markets, the Saturday farmers market at Deering Oaks is huge, and a great place to both pick up local produce, meats, cheese, etc., and entertain kids. There's also a Wednesday farmer's market in Monument Square.

      For delivery, there's Otto Pizza. Also, is a delivery service that delivers for a large number of local restaurants.

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        Thank you for the information. I have checked the boards for kid friendly places but many of the recommendations seem to be for older kids. Both of my kids still need high chairs and I know not all restaurants have those even if they are accomodating for children.

      2. I would say the most unquestionably fine places for very young children in Portland (with good food) are Flatbread, Silly's, and Yosaku, and any diner-like place (Becky's, Miss Portland, etc.), about which opinions vary.

        I would also suggest you look up Mom to Mom of Maine, an organization where you can meet other famiies and find playgroups and such.

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          I would add Local Sprouts ( though I'm the only one who ever mentions the place here) which is both kid and vegetarian friendly.

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            Thank you. I will definitely look at those. Thanks too for the Mom to Mom recommendation. I had come across them in some of my online searches about things to do with kids in the area but hadn't contacted them yet.

          2. Hi! You might want to look for a recent thread on kids in Portland restaurants, it has some good suggestions and was in reply to someone with a three year old. Our daughter is almost three -- we've had good luck at Paciarino, which will happily make up plainer pasta (only has one high chair, though), and Yosaku (sushi) almost always has kids there for dinner, both good are restaurants in their own right. Bonobo has yummy pizza and toys and is kid friendly, although it doesn't take reservations. Silly's is supposed to be very kid friendly, but I've never been. Miss Portland is a good diner, also kid friendly.

            have you discovered it's a great local resource.

            Welcome to Portland -- we love living here!

            I shop primarily at Hannaford's, but supplement with Whole Foods; there's also the trader joe's, and the shaws aren't bad, although the produce is nothing to speak about.

            1. We enjoy the food at Cantina El Rayo (the more casual side, built in an old filling station) and there's always lots of kids there.