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Jun 18, 2013 09:02 AM

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Coming to Boston

Just had a tried Gene's new dish that I had been hoping he would add to his menu for a long time now. It was cumin lamb cut very thinly and stir fried with sweet onion and bell peppers served over his infamous hand pulled noodles with a little chili oil, topped with sprouts and cilantro. The flavor of the lamb really comes thru well in this dish as it's juices become one with the chili oil forming a flavorful sauce for the noodles to slosh in. Best dish he has put on his menu to date IMO.

I was the only person eating so he came out and chatted like he always does. He told me he is opening a new restaurant on Bedford St in downtown crossing. He explained that it is about halfway between Chinatown and Downtown crossing so he should be able to pull both crowds. He plans to open sometime early July as the space is ready and all permitted, just waiting for some paperwork to be finalized. At first, he is going to do lunch only. He is going to split the time with his wife running the restaurant while running the Chelmsford location at the same time. He wants to feed people in Boston and he is very excited about this new venture. He is also happy the Bostonian's will not have to drive out to Chelmsford to get his food as they are a large part of his clientele.

Boston, you should be very excited about this, I know I would be. This man knows his craft and really truly cares about his food and what people think about the food. I will venture to say that this place is going to become a favorite of many soon and a HUGE success. Go Gene Go, and keep smiling!

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      1. Great, now everyone in my office is looking at me, wondering why I shouted and then did a back flip.

        1. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! It's a hike to either location, but I get to Boston more often (plus could hit Union Square Donuts on my way home, if they aren't sold out!). Great news!

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          1. re: cocoabrioche

            Ha--I went there today for lunch and followed them up with a 1/2 dozen donut holes from Union Square Donuts.

            Lunch was great. The place was packed by 1145am!

          2. This could be bad news for the Merrimack Valley area, as I can envision the next step being the closure of Chelmsford.
            I wish he were moving to someplace midway, accessible via the T for the benefit of the Arlington/Somerville/Medford/Newton.

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            1. re: greygarious

              I was thinking the same thing. Plus, how he is going to be SLAMMED in Boston. Good for him though!

              1. re: greygarious

                I sure hope not Grey, but you never know. His wife is stopping her full time gig for this expansion, so I am sure they are hoping both are highly profitable. They plan to split the duty at each of the locations. He is confident that his current chef in Chelmsford can handle it too. Let think positive and hope there is enough business for both the locations to thrive.

                1. re: greygarious

                  I share that fear. Chelmsford, although not exactly convenient, is easier for me to get to than Downtown Crossing, as are most of the other towns you list. But if that's where he found a spot, I hope it works out and doesn't turn into a repeat of what happened when Floating Rock moved out of Revere. (And there they got a good local replacement for the cuisine; I somehow doubt the next resto in the Chelmsford location would be Xi'anese.)

                  I did notice that my most recent order was ready very quickly despite them being slammed, and that Gene was spending his time behind the counter and not in the kitchen, so it looks like he has more and better-trained staff now. I'll keep my fingers crossed and enjoy those noodles while I can.