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Do you toast both sides of your buns?

The supermarket bread aisle is overflowing with hamburger and hotdog buns. All kinds. All varieties (except my favorite New England style hotdog buns they no longer sell around these parts anymore :-(

At our BBQ's we sometimes grill/toast our hamburger buns on the inside, the part the burger goes on, but not the crust side.
I see a lot of friends and families of ours toast both sides at their BBQ's.

I find it dries out the bun much more when toasted on both sides and the crumbly texture isn't as pleasing as a soft bun.

What is your preference?

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  1. inside only. And inside-face down in the toaster oven. Nice "girll" marks on the bun that way.

    1. I butter the inside and toast on my cast iron griddle.

      1. <except my favorite New England style hotdog buns they no longer sell around these parts anymore :-(>

        Pepperidge Farms makes them and they are available on L.I. Read more here http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/3053...


        I prefer buns toasted on one side only for hamburgers, and untoasted for hot dogs (top-split, of course.)

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          EM23, I just picked up some top split at Trader Joes.
          Pepperidge farms are available at the local KK but only when they feel like stocking them and they fly off the shelves before you blink!

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            "and they fly off the shelves before you blink!"
            There are a lot of us split-top devotees out there, Gastro.

            Do tell how TJ's buns are. I have found most breads that they sell to be pretty good.

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              "There are a lot of us split-top devotees out there.."
              by the scarcity of these things around here and the over abundance of the other one would never know...

              Our first try at the TJ's split top (haven't tried the "whole wheat") and my impression is...meh... I have to find another source. Not that they're bad. Just not the right texture. Yet still a happier bun/roll than the "regular", unless I'm in the mood for potato rolls...........

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                Good to know. I like the PF split tops...reminds me of the Ho Jo's from my childhood.
                I had my first potato roll at a bbq last summer, and really liked them.

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                  I've found that split tops depend on how I turn my wrist while i eat.

          2. I used to do them face-down in a pan, but now that I have a toaster with wide slots, I use that. I select the "bagel" option, which toasts the inside more than the outside.

            1. Inside only for me too, either face-up and broiled in the toaster oven or face-down on the warming shelf of the gas grill. Buttered would be my preference but Mrs. O grouses about the added calories so I don't.

              1. When grilling on the charcoal Weber kettle grill, I add them face down to the grill during the last stages of cooking, unadorned. The crispy bottom bun goes on the plate, the crispy top bun goes face down on top of the melted cheese and gets just a bit more heat before it is all picked up and deposited on the bottom.

                1. Inside only when toasting them on the BBQ grill, and only for me. Wife and kids like em smushy.

                  In the house they go in the toaster oven and toast on both sides, BUT that is usually toasting leftover rolls for breakfast the next morning.

                    1. For me it depends on the type of roll.
                      I like a light toasting on the outside of most buns for hamburger because there is nothing worse than a soft hamburger bun. The ideal bun for a burger for me is an old fashioned kaiser roll which needs no toasting at all, but those old favorites are very difficult to find these days.
                      The bogus kaisers commonly sold nowadays are much improved by an outside toasting. Inside is optional.

                      The potato buns seen everywhere these days are uniformly awful, though they are vastly improved nice brown inside toasting, and a light outside toasting to give it more texture. Same with the bog standard "white bread" hamburger rolls. They usually need all he help they can get.

                      I love burgers on a good brioche roll too...grilled or toasted on the inside only.

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                      1. re: The Professor

                        professor, I haven't seen a decent kaiser roll around these parts in way too many years. it was what my folks served homemade hamburgers on when we were kids. we also called them hard rolls. They were never much for the soft mushy hamburger buns so a nice Kaiser roll did the job. thanks for the memory... btw...I got used to potato rolls now... took a long time, but I get it now, but I prefer only Martin's brand.

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                          Don't know where you're located but if you're in central NJ, head over to Sipos Bakery in Perth Amboy. Ever since the City Bakery in New Brunswick closed 10-15 years ago, Sipos is the only other place I've found that has anything resembling the hard rolls I enjoyed when I was growing up.

                      2. Nowadays I make square burgers and serve them between toast made with a good quality white bread. Toasting burger buns makes them shrink too much, so I have to make smaller burgers or have too much meat to bread ratio.

                        1. Burger buns, inside only, split top dog buns, buttered on both sides!

                          1. I often make my own buns. since those are already a bit "hard" I will only toast the inner part.....or more likely grill them in a pan with some butter. Store bought ones get the same treatment unless I have room on the outdoor grill

                            1. With regard to your subject line alone; Depends on what SPF I'm wearing.