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Jun 18, 2013 08:02 AM

Help with my July trip to Venice, Florence, Rome and Sorrento for food, ideas, tours!!! <333

Hello all! I love food and would like to add some some spots in all cities for lunch and dinner. I would love any recommendations for really nice fancy spots in all 4 cities but also casual spots that wont break the bank. Any tours or advice in each city will be greatly appreciated too!!!!


Venice 2 nights: Based on others reccomendations, possible dinners at Al Covo, Vini da Gigio, L'Anice Stellato, or Alle Testeire. Have no lunch spots!!!

Sites: No tours planned here but plan to get lost on the 1st night, and 2nd day, possibly go to the island of Murano and/or Burano???

Florence 3 nights (may want to take the Best of tuscany tour) anyone recommend it?????
and tour to see the david and the Uffizi Gallery (only to skip the line)???? Do we need a tour??

any thoughts for tours/ lunch and dinner spots in Florence??

Rome 3 nights

Possible Dinners at Roscioli and Metamorfosi.

: Maybe Cavour 313?

Sorrento: 4 nights at the Grand Hotel La Favorita

Someone recommented that we can spend a day at a swanky beach club in Capri for the day like Da Luigi, il Fontelina or II Faro.) ?????

Any Help Please!! =) <333333333333

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  1. For the best advice from this forum, I'd suggest you search the boards for mentions of the specific cities you're visiting. There has been so much discussion of Rome, Venice and Florence, that I'm sure you will find that helpful.

    In terms of general tours, this board is more focused on food, and so food tours (which have also been discussed a lot) have been recommended in the past.

    In terms of lunch spots, in general, that has so much to do with where you find yourself, and how you are feeling. It's so hard to plan that kind of thing out ahead of time, it's best to leave it a bit free. Most restaurants (even the popular ones, discussed on this board) will most likely be able to handle last minute walk ins at lunch time.

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      thank you for your reply!! I i will check into the oter forums =)

    2. For information on tours and the areas in general you should really check out tripadvisor, I found their information really helpful.

      I agree with Elizabeth, there's a ton of information on each city on this board. However, I'd try not to overly plan; I was in Florence and Rome last year and wound up canceling a few places I'd reserved in advance.

      1. For Venice:
        Below is a recent link that might help you get started on your research:
        Except for the high-end hotels, there aren't many 'nice fancy spots' that are worth it. I only restaurant that fits that description that I have eaten at and think it is worth it is Da Pisis in the Bauer Hotel. Otherwise, Al Covo and Vini di Gigio on your list are the best choices. Maybe Ai Gondolieri if you want no seafood. Lunch, for convenience, I would make a lists of places where you might be sightseeing. No need to waste time trekking from one end to the other. Bacari are fun/informal, do not need or take reservations but many are stand up only. For lunch, most trattorie/osterie will sit you without a reservation.
        Generally, food related tours of Venice falls into two categories: morning visits to the Rialto market or a tour of 4 or 5 bacari that include food and wine. I have never taken one, therefore, nothing to report.

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