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Jun 18, 2013 07:19 AM

Best prices on canning jars?

Our local Ace hardware usually has pint jars for $10/case. I found one case on sale at Target a couple weeks ago, I think it was $8 or $9. Grocery store prices seem to tend higher but if anyone sees a bargain, I'd appreciate your sharing it!

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  1. Just paid $9.99 for a case of 1/2pint at Shaws. I think the pint were the same price or a couple dollars more. I have seen them on sale. Last year the cheapest I found were are Kmart and the Christmas Tree Shop. And I wonder if the China Fair in Porter Square sells them.

    1. Might want to try the Dollar Store. I've had good lick there.

      1. A few weeks ago, they were in the circular for the Christmas Tree Shop. I don't remember their price but have found most things are less expensive there.

        1. I'd give China Fair a call, and maybe Eastern Bakers Supply.

          1. I bought my 32 12/$12, 64 oz 6/$13 jars at ace I think you can get them other online sites cheaper if you need a bigger quantity. I found Target didn't have the larger sizes I wanted.