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Jun 18, 2013 07:00 AM

Flores - Sawtelle

Has anyone been to the new Flores? What's good? The menu looks very limited

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  1. Someone when to the soft opening and posted about their impressions here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/905348

    1. I went there alone last night. Very cool space, except they DESPERATELY need some lighting in the considerable outdoor eating areas. There was heat aplenty from overhead heaters and a nice fireplace, but it was virtually pitch black out there. Could not see a thing I was eating, until I busted out the old man cellphone flashlight app. I didn't eat much so my data for food-review purposes is admittedly limited. I enjoyed it, but was not really inspired and didn't think it represented a great food experience for the price. The "spanish meatballs" were tasty, though overly dense, in a good tomato sauce. The little gem lettuce salad was a deconstructed something. The various components were good enough, but nothing special at all, and not worth the price. The so-called blackberry cobbler wasn't a cobbler at all. Thus, while it tasted good, I was disappointed that it was really a crisp or a crumble and not a cobbler at all. [http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06...] I wanted the crust of a cobbler.
      There are very nice, unique selections on the wine-by-the-glass list and extremely gracious and warm staff and ownership (at least I think the nice folks who came by a couple times to check on the customers were the owners, or managers). I would surely return, because I like the space, the vibe and the prospect that some of the other dishes - esp. the hangar steak with pureed potatoes and the texas caviar (black-eyed peas) - are really good, but I wasn't dazzled by the limited food I had on my initial visit.

      1. Had a wonderful dinner here. Staff was super accommodating and everything we ate was delicious.
        Our favorite was the soft shell crab sandwich. They will be opening up for lunch soon. A much needed and welcome addition to the neighborhood. Now, if someone would just open a basic breakfast place!

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            "No menu posted..."

            Although you can see some of the dishes (all of their snacks) in the photo of the menu that is part of the home page. The "Pig Cheek Croquetas" for $10 sounds interesting.