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Jun 18, 2013 06:57 AM

West L A Breakfast

You would think someone would open a restaurant on or near Sawtelle that serves breakfast. I do not know of anything with the exception of Lemon Moon on Olympic and Bundy and the mediocre at best Café 50's on Santa Monica Boulevard. I have heard of Nellie's near the Trader Joe's at Barrington and Olympic. Any ideas of places for breakfast very close to Sawtelle and Olympic? Looking for something closer than John O'Groats. With all of the offices on Olympic between Sawtelle and Barrington, you would think there would be something.

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  1. Big Tomy's at the NE corner of Pico and Sawtelle (open 24/7) does breakfast, but not all day. Just a few blocks east on Pico and you find Norm's (another 24/7 joint) that does breakfast anytime and not too much farther east is Lenny's Deli (replacing the old Junior's) on Westwood Blvd. just barely N of Pico). Finally, I think the closest place to grab breakfast is at the Champagne French Bakery Cafe in the mall on the SE corner of Olympic and Sawtelle.

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      The breakfast burrito (no meat) at Tomy's with their salsa is all I would ever need for breakfast. My only complaint is they don't serve it all day.

    2. Good Stuff at Olympic and Bundy

      1. A little farther west I like Snug Harbour and it's throwback diner feel of the 1940's on Wilshire and 23rd & their comfort breakfasts. Patio too.

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          Closer to Sawtelle there is also the 2nd location (the other one is on Pico at 23rd in Santa Monica) of the Lazy Daisy on Wilshire at Westgate and just west of that Literati Cafe and then Amandine just past that by a couple of blocks.

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            One more suggestion if you like a good Mexican breakfast. Juquila on Santa Monica Blvd. very close to Sawtelle. You can see their menu here:

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              I've had many good breakfasts at Juquila, and they have a delicious hot chocolate.

        2. Does it need to be w/i walking distance? If not, Rae's Restaurant (Pico west of Centinela) is a good (very) greasy spoon. I tried Colony Cafe (Pico/Kelton) many moons ago. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't memorable, either.

          1. In Little Osaka, Ketchy's II (next to Mizu 212) serves a good breakfast burrito, if memory serves.

            Also, down the street, you can grab a great cuppa' joe and a tasty pastry at Balconi Coffee Company.