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West L A Breakfast

You would think someone would open a restaurant on or near Sawtelle that serves breakfast. I do not know of anything with the exception of Lemon Moon on Olympic and Bundy and the mediocre at best Café 50's on Santa Monica Boulevard. I have heard of Nellie's near the Trader Joe's at Barrington and Olympic. Any ideas of places for breakfast very close to Sawtelle and Olympic? Looking for something closer than John O'Groats. With all of the offices on Olympic between Sawtelle and Barrington, you would think there would be something.

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  1. Big Tomy's at the NE corner of Pico and Sawtelle (open 24/7) does breakfast, but not all day. Just a few blocks east on Pico and you find Norm's (another 24/7 joint) that does breakfast anytime and not too much farther east is Lenny's Deli (replacing the old Junior's) on Westwood Blvd. just barely N of Pico). Finally, I think the closest place to grab breakfast is at the Champagne French Bakery Cafe http://www.champagnebakery.com/home/ in the mall on the SE corner of Olympic and Sawtelle.

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      The breakfast burrito (no meat) at Tomy's with their salsa is all I would ever need for breakfast. My only complaint is they don't serve it all day.

    2. Good Stuff at Olympic and Bundy

      1. A little farther west I like Snug Harbour and it's throwback diner feel of the 1940's on Wilshire and 23rd & their comfort breakfasts. Patio too.

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          Closer to Sawtelle there is also the 2nd location (the other one is on Pico at 23rd in Santa Monica) of the Lazy Daisy http://lazydaisycafebrentwood.com/ on Wilshire at Westgate and just west of that Literati Cafe http://www.literaticafe.com/ and then Amandine http://www.amandinecafe.com/ just past that by a couple of blocks.

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            One more suggestion if you like a good Mexican breakfast. Juquila on Santa Monica Blvd. very close to Sawtelle. You can see their menu here: http://losangeles.menupages.com/resta...

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              I've had many good breakfasts at Juquila, and they have a delicious hot chocolate.

        2. Does it need to be w/i walking distance? If not, Rae's Restaurant (Pico west of Centinela) is a good (very) greasy spoon. I tried Colony Cafe (Pico/Kelton) many moons ago. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't memorable, either.

          1. In Little Osaka, Ketchy's II (next to Mizu 212) serves a good breakfast burrito, if memory serves.

            Also, down the street, you can grab a great cuppa' joe and a tasty pastry at Balconi Coffee Company.

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                  But at least you'll get to check out all the beautiful people there...

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                    Really? Then something has changed since I tried it (perhaps 4 yrs ago?), since I was the only there! Maybe they're coming in from the Wellsbourne....

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                      I'm basing this off a visit w/ coworker from 2-3 years ago - there were a lot of beautiful women there that day at lunch (my coworkers have said this on various occasions though).

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                        Fascinating. Day and time can also affect clientele, I imagine. I never understood why my partner kept talking about all the young-ish, muscular men at Literati.... Until I realized that the clientele on a Sunday morning (when he usually goes) is VERY different from when I usually go (weekend evening).

                        Maybe the models at Colony Cafe should meet the models at Literati. ::snort::

                        Too bad the food at The Colony Cafe or Literati isn't better....

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                      I was only there for lunch and it was good (for basic food). Looked like they had a nice breakfast menu. Didnt see any of the Victoria's Secret models there though. They must have been at Mr. C.

                2. I usually get a lox and bagel at western bagel next to nook. Not a full breakfast though.

                  1. Breakfast places tend to be pretty slim in Japanese enclaves, Sawtelle being one of them. Japanese folks are home bodies when it comes to breakfast. It's hard to look graceful eating natto on one's gohan...

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                      I just want me a $25 slice of that incredible Japanese musk melon I had at Sembikiya in Tokyo.

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                        I guess I won't whine for paying $75 USD-equiv for a whole melon in Kyoto. Such a deal!

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                          (John) They charged JPY33,000 for a top musk melon specimen on my last trip in March 2013. No joke.

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                            It's funny - Japanese complain about how our produce sucks in a relative sense. We get floored by how much some in Japan are willing to pay for perfection.

                    2. Catering from Clementine is pretty common.

                      1. <edit: like an idiot, I failed to read more closely your OP, and instructions on proximity to Olympic and Sawtelle. I hope you can forgive me, and elect to try these spots anyway on a weekend or day off. -pz>

                        Flowergirl... here are my picks:

                        1. Roll & Rye - Culver City's premiere jewish deli is also one of the oldest establishments in the city, having moved locations from its original spot in 1956 to the current location in the plaza where Sepulveda & Jefferson merge, next to Pavilions market. Super friendly staff and excellent food, ranging from favorites like blintzes, bagels and fried matzo to standard (but nonetheless awesome) huge omelettes, quickbreads and meats. I've been going for 15 years and I consistently fail in my attempts to resist ordering a bagel, and I don't plan to stop.

                        2. Ronnie's - The owner actually is named Ronnie and he's a swell guy. Unassuming diner spot in a strip mall in Mar Vista, on Culver Blvd just before hitting the 90 freeway offramp; you'd never guess this would be the home of one of the best breakfasts in town, but it is. They're serious about quality here, and the freshness of everything shows. The menu has some mexican influence as well, so a sublime chorizo & eggs shares the page with french toast and omelettes. Some of the best freaking bacon in town; order it crispy! Coffee's a cut above the big chains too, strong and rich, imparting deep and complex notes that kick your sinuses right in. A must try.

                        3. Joni's, Marina Del Rey. The owner actually is named Joni and she's a peach. She strolls happily through her establishment and inclines over you, cheerfully but watchfully, to make sure you are incalculably happy. She's not immune to parking herself in a chair at your table for a few minutes to chat. Joni's uniqueness is partially the old-world decorum (replete with ancient cutlery and a real, honest-to-goodness late 19th century coffee-roaster installed right in the dining room), and partially the service, which is of the "order at the counter, get a number card, grab silverware, condiments and napkins and sit at your table" variant. Food quality is paramount here; Joni's is notorious for utilizing a state-of-the-art water filtration system that they employ in every aspect of their cooking, including brewing individual mugs of superlative coffee. Get the half belgian waffle combo with eggs and thick bacon. Pour syrup over everything, You won't notice anyway if Joni's chatting with you.

                        Honorable Mention: Champagne Bakery in the Palms area, but only when you've gone way too long since your last insulin crash; pastries and other carbloaders abound. Go on a day you plan to sleep a lot.

                        ~ Peter Zachos

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                          Well, there's a Champagne Bakery on Sawtelle just south of Olympic.... ;)

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                            Right you are...thanks for the reminder!

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                              As I noted in the very fist reply to the OP on this thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9060... (re. the Champagne Bakery) basically at the corner of Sawtelle and Olympic.

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                                Ahem. Deepest-felt apologies for not remembering your post from 10 days ago. ;)

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                                  I've gotten breakfast from Champagne once over the years. Got to say it's not bad but nothing truly memorable. Their breakfast potatoes (IIRC) are really not crisped the way I prefer them. I also guess I like to sit down and have table service when I go out for breakfast

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                                  Yes, I saw that. I've just never been to that Champagne Bakery, and I'd never recommend a place that I hadn't experienced personally, even if it' s part of a chain or shares a parent company.

                            2. Have to respond to the person who recommends Roll n Rye (whatever their name is). When I last ate there (1st and last time) it was awful. EXTREMELY expensive. very thin sandwich and not worth even going there. Forget Bret's as well. I have to eat it on the holidays every year and it borders on inedible. I grew up eating at Nate 'n Al's in Beverly Hills and think it's the only real deli in this vast wasteland of Los Angeles. It is, however, very, very expensive. But if you're going to spend a lot - and the ones I've mentioned are all expensive - at least don't throw good money after bad. Go where it's good and you definitely get your money's worth.

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                                If you think Brent's is inedible that just leaves me shaking my head in total disagreement and disbelief. I've never had a better Reuben and their food is head and shoulders above among most of the other Deli's in the LA area, including Nate 'n Al's (except for Langer's pastrami and rye which rules the roost).

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                                  Brent's as well? I don't think so.

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                                    Hi jayas, my name is Peter.

                                    The OP was searching for breakfast. Therefore my recommendation was for Roll & Rye's breakfast menu. Breakfast is mostly all I ever get there. I've have a sandwich or two there and a burger and they were fine, nothing spectacular, and nothing to write a review about. Which is why I didn't.

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                                      Thanks all - looking for breakfast closer to Olympic and Barrington - Sawtelle area

                                  2. Try New York Bagel on San Vicente. Brentwood. The best Bagels and freshly made.