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Jun 18, 2013 05:39 AM

Garlic in olive oil,how long in the fridge

Last night I made the dressing for a corn and black beans salad. Lime juice, oilive oil, chopped garlic, and salt and pepper. I figured I would make it a few days ahead figuring it would taste better when I need it. Am I risking botulism? I wouldn't think so because I made this last year and it was in the fridge for awhile before I finally finished it all. Thanks.

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  1. I've done up to two weeks, when I make roasted peppers in oil with garlic. After that it gets noticeably funky, but never an incident with that length of time.

    1. Alton Brown did a program on infused oils and cautioned against keeping infused garlic oil for very long at all. (He encouraged you to make it, but he just did not want you to leave it hanging around for very long.) I did not understand why, but apparently botulism is much more likely to appear in infused oil with garlic in particular, as opposed to (say) oil infused with thyme or rosemary, or whatever.

      It never occurred to me that there might be a problem with garlic in a salad dressing. If made with fresh garlic, I would think the dressing's acidity level would be so high that it would kill off any bacteria before they could get started. But, hey, I'm a lawyer, not a microbiologist.

      1. I have done this with no problems. But with what I know now, I just wouldn't risk it.

        1. The standard advice is to use within a week.

          1. I have posted a lot about the dangers of garlic in oil. If it were just garlic and oil, 7-10 days is the max. And it MUST be refrigerated. Same with anything fresh that comes out of the ground, but more so for things harvested from underground.

            That said, there are two ways to make it safe: heat and acid.

            I'd noodle around on the internet to see whether adding lime juice in the quantity you did could have made it safe.

            Otherwise, Id follow the 7-10 day rule.