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Jun 22, 2003 04:11 PM

Austin Reccs need

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We're headed to Austin from DC in mid-July for a wedding. We'll have time for one dinner (Friday) and one lunch (Saturday). We're especially interested in Tex-Mex; they simply can't do that very well here (with a few notable exceptions). Back in the early to mid-70's, when I was a student at UT, I remember going to El Rancho (then on East First Street -- but I've seen postings on this board suggesting ER has gone downhill over the years); La Tapatia (?) on East 6th; and Cisco's Bakery. We're staying downtown on San Jacinto and would appreciate any reccs for good 'houndish places within walking distance (or a short drive). Is Scholz's Beer Garden still in business?

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  1. ~ Mexican lunch/dinner:
    a. El Sol y Luna
    b. Maudie's
    c. Guero's, Chuy's

    ~ Mexican breakfast:
    a. Taco Xpress
    b. Enchiladas Y Mas

    1. Dinner:

      Curra's is more Interior Mexican cuisine. If you like
      your tex-mex food with lots of cheese, than try Chuy's but that isn't my first choice.

      One of my favorite places is El Azteca, at 2600 East 7th. They have great fajitas and enchiladas.


      You have one of the best places for breakfast right downtown at Las Manitas on Congress (good migas and aguas frescas)

      Also a bit further down south is Habanero Mexican
      Cafe, at 501 W. Oltorf. Good salsa and tacos.

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      1. re: salome

        What, no Tamale House recommendations?!?

        Tamale House on Airport has THE BEST migas in the universe.

        1. re: Jesse James

          ...oh yeah, I also forgot to note that Austin is the breakfast food capital of the world, and you really can't go wrong eating breakfast ANYWHERE (well, except for the IHOP's and such, I assume).

          1. re: Jesse James

            Tamale House does have great tacos and a good spicy salsa.

            I tried their migas and to me they were just too soupy and covered in too much cheese and I *love* cheese. And the tortillas were too soft. But to each their own. I have several friends who love their migas. I just prefer migas with crisp corn tortillas.

            Try the migas especial at Las Manitas. The migas at Habareno's are good as well.

            1. re: Jesse James
              John Morthland

              Evita's Botanitas has great migas, though they're all the way down South First almost to William Cannon.

          2. I am new to Austin, so haven't scoped out too many places yet, but we really liked Sampaio's on San Jacinto for Brazilian caiparinhas and bacalhau. The only disappointment was the pao de quejo (sp?), which were as dense as lead. You can buy Guarana sodas, the original energy-boosting soft drink, there by the case. They serve lots of good non-alcoholic fruit drinks, too.

            1. Matt's moved to South Lamar years ago and the food went south with the location. La Tapatia burned down a long while back and Nuevo Leon, on the site now, is no replacememnt. Cisco's is still around even though Rudy died a few years back; I don't know who's running the place now but the food's about the same. For good, old-Austin style Tex-Mex, I like all three locations of Maudie's.

              1. j
                Joe Fensterblaugh

                Yup Scholtz's is still open. I'm an interloper from L.A, but my love for Austin goes all the way back to the Armadillo World Headquarters in the 70"s. Get down there every march for SXSW. And always treat myself to Jeffrey's for a special dinner. I guess I just never got the Tex-Mex thing. I'd rather drive 60 or so miles N to the Cowboy B-B-Q. Have fun...