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Jun 18, 2013 04:48 AM

The Chesapeake in Baltimore; back after two plus decades and good.

Colette and I had the good fortune before going back to France to sample the new Chesapeake's offerings. After 20 plus years, the place is totally renovated - big, brash and noisy with quite nice food. What we had at their "soft-opening" may not be what's on the menu when they formally open but we were impressed by the smelts, deviled eggs, shrimp, spicy mussels and rockfish and even the fries were good. The wines were pricey for us and maybe the food will be too once open but we'll be back to check.

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  1. I remember fondly the old Chesapeake fondly. The steaks were sublime as was the crab imperial. Alas, those were the days when I was in my teens and maybe did not know better--and the resto did not survive. I wish it well

    1. Are you from Baltimore originally? I have read your blog several times when preparing for trips to Paris and it's a delight to see you report on a restaurant in my native city.

      I remember going to Chesapeake once or twice with my grandparents before it closed. They were regulars way back in the day. I can't comment on the food but it's one of my few memories of old Baltimore, indeed.

      I will have to make a point of trying the restaurant the next time we return to visit family.

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        I've since heard two negative reports, esp on the price-quality. So unless more appears to correct those, I'd be careful.

      2. My wife and I had a pre-movie light dinner there last Sunday: fried smelts; charcuterie plate (duck "prosciutto" and chicken liver mousse both home made, with others, all tasty), and steamed mussels; a martini styled as the Walker-Haslinger cocktail. Total damage with tip, $57. The food was all good to very good, but the wine list prices were O-U-T-R-A-G-E-O-U-S -- centered around 3x retail, with several higher. No bargains in sight.

        1. I found the food to be just OK, the drinks were way overpriced. I remember reading the owner wanted to it to have an "approachable menu", um the burger is $15.