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Jun 18, 2013 04:10 AM

Hot and sour soup

Who has best in TCs? Currently, it is hard just to find it made with actual pieces of pork. That used to be common but going away fast.

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  1. I just had a very delightful bowl so seafood hot and sour soup at Pho 83 in Shakopee.

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    1. re: stymie

      Hey is Pho 83 in general? I am occasionally out there for the horses, so I know where it is but have never dropped in.

      1. re: Lincster

        I'm not stymie, but I work near there. Pho 83 is pretty solid. Good banh mi, decent chinese lunch specials, and some of the "chefs favorites" are a little more unusual and nice. Several places in St. Paul are better, but Pho 83 is definitely good, especially for the area.

        1. re: Lincster

          I go to Pho 83 regularly. Many Asian diners. I really like Quangs, Pho Tau Bay and Que Nha also. Pho 83 make a lemongrass chicken that I love. Grilled pork Bahn Mi is on a par with Quang and Pho Tau Bay. Just tried and loved their Peking Shrimp (they add a little broccoli at my request) (there are Chinese items on the menu. Their roast duck was also very good. A Vietnamese buddy says their grilled beef is excellent. Their Pho is very solid. I am trying to "force" myself to try other things they offer.

      2. The HSS at Grand Shanghai is first rate. Plenty of pork. And it is actually both hot, and sour.

        1. Szechuan Spice on S Lyndale... Very sour / hot and sour soup. Really good.