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Jun 18, 2013 02:26 AM

Budapest, Hungary - Luncheon at the New York Cafe

Probably Budapest's best-known bistro-cafe, and almost unbearably touristy, the New York Cafe on the ground floor of the Boscolo Budapest Hotel has one of the most sumptious dining hall I'd ever seen, anywhere in the world!

If you don't mind camera-toting tourists snapping away at the impossibly lavish, gold-gilded and marble-clad interiors whilst you eat, the food here is actually not bad.

Our lunch:
- Beef goulash soup with beans and home-made noodles: the portion was huge, but the waiter suggested that we split one order into two bowls. It was delicious, as were *all* soups I'd tried in Hungary the past week. The Hungarians are into strong flavours and almost every other dish I'd had thus far were very tasty indeed.

- Roasted pig's trotter with grilled onion-liver ragout, and home-pickled salad: the trotter skin was not crackling-crisp as I'd expected, but the ragout was rich and full-bodied, with generous slivers of pig's liver. The salad was a mild Hungarian take on the sauerkraut.

- Beef-steak with pureed parsnip, warm beetroot and rucola salad: perfectly-timed and very well-executed cooking.

We skipped the desserts - still haven't gotten used to the huge local portions yet.

Address details
New York Café
The Boscolo Budapest Hotel
1073 Budapest
Erzsébet körút 9-11
Tel: +36 1 886 6111

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  1. Klyeoh you are a machine, I only hope you have a good tailor to help you out after all these wonderful and huge meals in Hungary and Slovakia.


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    1. re: vanderb

      I'm "lucky" to be 6 feet 2, but my tummy is beginning to show after 10 days of Hungarian cuisine! Now in Slovakia :-)

    2. The more I look at the decor, the more it reminds me of 'Le Train Bleu' in Paris.
      Was the sauce to go with the steak a wine reduction of some sort?
      Love the color of the Goulash Soup. Strange, but it reminds me of Russian Borscht in old school Hong Kong western restaurants like Tai Ping Koon, Chantecler or Cherikoff?!!!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        The sauce did taste like a red wine reduction, but sticky, unctuous and enriched by pig's liver.

        As for the goulash soups I'd tried all over Hungary, I must say that the Magyars are masters of great tasting soups - I've *yet* to come across a single dish here which one can describe as "bland", whereas you do encounter less-than-satisfactory dishes in Paris more often than not these days (not the Michelin-rated ones, of course).