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Jun 17, 2013 07:03 PM

Raw vitamix blended veggies vs cooked veggies blended

I am in a health food group that meets once a month. The first seven meetings were vegan dinners followed by watching Dr. John McDougall's seminars. The final class was a pot luck with Dr. McDougall joining us live via SKYPE.

We are now a once a month Supper Club with the best vegan buffet you could ever imagine.

One of our organizers went on a two week raw diet and is working on an 80/20 plan.

Based on his new experience he gave us a challenge.

Taste a soup with all ingredients cooked over the stove
Taste a soup with some of the vegetables blended raw, then added at the end to the warm temp of the soup.

I am trying this this weekend. Would love to challenge a few of you and hear back.

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  1. I've had my V-M for a couple years now and tried cooked vs raw. I always prefer raw unless it's specifically a soup where I want some of the nutrients specifically to be heat-enhanced. Tomatoes release more lycopene when cooked/heated than when raw so I prefer them in a hot, fresh soup over a tomato drink 100% of the time. Similar for broccoli. Almost all veggies suffer nutrient loss (or in many cases ability to deliver nutrients) when fried or cooked too long in heat though.

    As to the ultimate decider for me, it's a matter of taste. Even slightly nutrient-diminished veggies are good for you as long as they're prepared or blended sensibly.

    1. I'd love to hear your experiences. I generally don't like blended soups, raw or not, but I have tried both. Raw is definitely easier. :)


      1. It depends on the volume of raw foods you are eating on a daily basis - the cruciferous vegetables actually need to be cooked to have better absorption of certain micronutrients. This isn't to say never eat them raw, but if you have thyroid problems, you'll want to cook them more often than not:

        1. i find that i prefer the "creamy" texture of cooked and blended - especially since there's no cream in the soup. i guess you could blend in avacado if you wanted creamy but raw.

          I just don't like raw soup: i've done a lot of raw for over a year.. really living foods cooking... and i just feel like raw soup is just juice in a bowl. it's totally a mindset problem for me...