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Jun 17, 2013 06:24 PM

Bachelorette in PEC

Dear CHers.. I am helping to plan a bachelorette week-end in PEC in mid-August. We are planning lunch at County Cider along with a tour, and a visit to one other winery (suggestions?). I'm trying to figure out where we should go for dinner: there will be quite a few of us. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a place to stay in PEC for that night (we'll be in Belleville), so it won't be a very late night. I read TorontoJo's trip report with interest, as well as another recent posting about PEC.
The bride loves both fine food and wine, but other guests have financial concerns, so I don't want to go too high end. So far, on my list I have East and Main, Blumen, Saylor House, Hubb/Angeline's, and Pomodoro. Anything I'm missing? Any recommendations?
Thanks in advance..

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  1. Saylor House is a bakery cafe, not really what I would imagine for a bachelorette.
    Probably the best winery is Norman Hardie and apparently they do a good pizza.
    My vote based on quality, value, and look and feel of the room is Blumen.
    I have not been to Pomodoro.

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      Good to know.. I'll check out Norman Hardie. I liked the look of Blumen too..

    2. How large a group are you? Another interesting alternative may be to get in touch with the Chef (Chris) at The Manse in Picton. I stayed there last summer and one night, we ate dinner on the back balcony - we gave him a few ideas of things we liked and he whipped us up a delicious dinner. He's a lovely person and passionate about cooking. They have an indoor dining room but also outdoor tables on their wraparound porch. If I recall, the price was reasonable and I think we just brought our own wine, which will also help your budget.

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        There will be at least 12 of us.. which is why this is such a daunting task!