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two pounds of carrots for two people

I wound up with a two-pound bag of organic carrots, and I'm looking for ideas to use them. I'd rather not cook them, as it's 100+ degrees here these days, and I like them raw better anyhow. Do you have a favorite carrot salad, or some other dish that uses raw carrots?

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  1. I'd just eat the carrots straight. You could also juice them if there are problems chewing.

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      +1 on the juicing. Of course you have to have a juicer.

    2. You could also make dips to dip the carrots in, such as hummus or tzatziki.

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        Or beer cheese
        Or spinach dip

      2. I like to shave carrots into cold peanut noodle salads - if they're in long strips, they sort of mimic the noodles while providing a textural context.

        1. This is really tasty. You need to use the stove top but not for long so perfect for hot days.


          1. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/al...

            That salad was good. Ere is another one but I can't find it, it had shredded carrots, cilantro and a lemon dressing

            1. I just recommended Giardinera to use up cauliflower in another thread, but it also uses carrots. It is delicious. It's good as a side salad, but also on sandwiches. In fact, I make a sub with just the drained giardinera and Boursin cheese smeared on the bread.


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              1. Pickle some! So when it is BLT season, you can have them with a side of pickled carrots.

                1. I like to shred and put on tuna sandwiches with shredded swiss, avocado, sprouts and mayo. I also like them in a salad, shredded, with some honey French dressing.

                  1. Cole slaw! Here's the recipe I use, and one of the few that I haven't changed at all. It's still good even if you omit the cheese.


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                        A very fresh salad recipe I encountered in Romania is the following: Shred raw peeled beets and place them in martini glasses. Shred raw peeled carrots and place them atop the beets. Shred peeled tart green apples and place them atop the carrots. Drizzle a bit of tasteless oil (grapeseed, safflower, etc.) and raw apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice) over all and enjoy. Allow diners to use salt and pepper individually. It seems too simple to be elegant, but the combination is lovely.

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                          Any cabbage sliced fine slaw or with grated carrots. Grated carrots and beets with a little oil good-season's like home made would be tasty.

                          For slaw dressing: I often use 2 cups home made mayo (optional can use 1/2 cup EVOO with this), with 1tsp Dijon mustard, 1 tsp fresh ground black pepper, 1T vinegar, 1 T fresh lime juice (lemon works in a pinch), 2 T sugar (evaporated cane juice), with one large onion minced as small as can get it. Can tune the sugar and vinegar to your preference. My favorite vinegar is rice vinegar. While can use any kind of vinegar combination including malt, wine, champagne, ... but only a little bit of good balsamic.

                          OPTIONAL: add your favorite chili pepper grind to the mix.

                          The combination with spicy sweet sour and good EVOO oil cutting it is Yum to me over a green salad also.

                    1. Moroccan-Israeli carrot salad: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...
                      I prefer versions with cooked carrots, personally, so that's how I make it, but the raw one is quite popular, too.

                      If I were you, I'd probably be steaming some of the carrots quickly in the microwave, which wouldn't heat up the house but will give you more flexibility in terms of recipes.

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                        I use shredded carrots, lemon juice, cumin, olive oil, salt/pepper, and raisins plumped in orange juice. Also excellent with roasted carrot coins

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                          Just made the cooked carrot version of the recipe posted by GilaB - delicious and loved by all members of the household. I like it better than raw shredded versions now too.

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                            i love this kind of raw salad and use sumac instead of cumin.

                            shaved carrot salad is wonderful with a dash of orange-blossom water.

                            you can also steam them, then whizz in the food pro with some ginger and either olive oil or yogurt and some herbs to make a dip/spread. some peanut or almond butter works too.

                            these carrots will last a week or two so no need to plow through them!

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                              I've made a simple version of this with just grated carrots, lemon juice and olive oil, a pinch of cumin and garlic. It's really yummy.

                            2. It wouldn't require much cooking time to make a chilled carrot soup.

                              1. A friend brought these honey roasted carrots over for a dinner once and we really enjoyed them. I like to make this now with half carrots/half parsnips and add fresh herbs.


                                1. We've been cooking almost everything on the grill lately. I don't see why you couldn't cut them in half lengthwise, brush with oil and grill like you would sweet potato or any other firm veggie.

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                                    Grilled carrots are great. Steaming them first lessens the risk of charred outsides/raw insides

                                  2. This carrot salad from this month's COTM, Burma, sounds fantastic and very refreshing in the heat:

                                    1. carrot ginger soup. Tastes great hot or cold, Freeze wonderfully. Make it in a slow cooker and you wont heat up your kitchen.

                                      1. This was my favorite no-cook combination to use up excess carrots.

                                        Shredded Carrot Apple Cranberry salad

                                        3 large carrots - peeled & shredded
                                        1 large apple - half shreded, half sliced for garnish
                                        1/4 - 1/2 C. dried cranberries
                                        2 T. light mayonnaise
                                        2 T. apple cider

                                        Mix shredded carrots & apples.
                                        Add 1/4 - 1/2 C. dried cranberries (craisins).
                                        Stir in equal-parts light mayonnaise and apple cider. I used 2 T. of each.

                                        1. Grate the carrots. In a mini-food processor blitz lemon juice, good olive oil, a clove of garlic, sea salt, and maybe a half-cup of toasted sesame seeds. Amounts to taste. Pour over carrots.

                                          1. If you decide to cook some, perhaps make carrot waffles? CH gimlis1mum recommended the Dorie Greenspan recipe Carrot Muffins on a Grid, that looks good to me although I've not tried it yet. Her comments on the recipe are on this thread
                                            and the recipe is here

                                            1. We really like this carrot and kale salad - i've made my own baked tofu and have used store-bought and it's good both ways!


                                              1. Shred them, add it to shredded cabbage for coleslaw.

                                                Or shred them all, add raisins, and make a coleslaw-type dressing for carrot-raisin salad.

                                                1. Jello salads are out of fashion but at our house it wouldn't be summer without orange jello with grated (raw) carrots and canned) crushed pineapple in it. Very refreshing with cold chicken etc. (I "grate" carrots by putting them in the Cuisinart.)

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                                                    please gimme the exact method used to make this. Thanks!

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                                                      Nigella calls for groundnut oil. May I ask what oil you use? Thanks.

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                                                        groundnut oil is peanut oil. any neutral oil will do.

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                                                          Boy, I feel stupid now. Groundnut. Of course, it's a peanut. I was thinking a nut which has been ground to extract the oil. lol. Thanks!

                                                    2. This is one of my favorite salads and I happily eat the leftovers (if there are any!) with a spoon as a treat.

                                                      Make sure to grate the carrots finely, it DOES make a difference.