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Jun 17, 2013 06:02 PM

Capital Region Jewish Delis

Is there any place in Albany and/or the surrounding suburbs to get great pastrami, corned beef, brisket & tongue?

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  1. I'm not sure what's in Albany, but Gershon's in Schenectady deserves a mention.

    1. Certainly agree with earlier poster on Gershons in Schenectady. But don't discount the larger Price Chopper stores in the Capital District (Malta, Saratoga, probably Latham) that have a Ben and Bill's in the store. They are getting their pastrami/corned beef/tongue/brisket from NYC suppliers, along with the usual lox/nova/herring selections from classic delis. I traveled in and out of NYC for years in my job, and have had deli at the Stage, Carnegie, et al. When I have a pastrami jones now, I go to the PC in my home town Saratoga, and have always been satisfied

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        Only the Slingerlands and Saratoga (Rt 50) stores have Ben and Bill's delis at the moment, and they're the only Price Choppers with excellent Jewish deli. They're good. But Nosh deli on Western Ave. near Crossgates is going strong, an independent Jewish deli with everything the OP is asking for. I mentioned it here, , to no great fanfare.

      2. Sorry. To add to my earlier post, the closest Price Chopper to Albany with a Ben and Bill's deli is probably the one in Slingerlands.

        1. In addition to the Gershon's in Schenectady, you may want to also check out Nosh NY Delicatessen at 1645 Western Av., Albany.

          It's not Kosher, but it has been receiving good reviews as a NY style deli. They sell tongue and Old World pastrami (see below).

          The local Price Chopper firm operates a Ben and Bill's Deli at it's Slingerlands supermarket. They carry the same brand of pastrami and corned beef that is sold to the Carnegie Deli and others in NYC. They also sell tongue.

          Another option is to go directly to the factory store where the corned beef and pastrami sold to Carnegie Deli and Price Chopper is produced. That's Old world Provisions located at 12 Colleen Rd (12 Industrial Park Road), Troy, NY 12180. You should confirm that the company store is still open to the public. I haven't been to it in a few years. I believe they are open Tue -Fri 11-6; Sat 9-2.
          Phone:(518) 273-5735 or (800)-BRISKET ext 109.

          1. Thank you so much for your posts,. Who would have thought that Price Chopper is a player in this. Wow!. And the scariest and most incredible fact is that my brother lives on Colleen Road in Troy.......The same block as Old World Provisions!!!!!

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            1. re: sagetom

              I think your brother has some explaining to do. He should have been inviting you over for some fantastic sandwiches!!!

              1. re: Roger K

                I don't think they're open for retail anymore, are they? Nothing on their website says they are. The deli meats are still made in Albany, but the retail outlet they had at their factory is long closed.

                1. re: PSZaas

                  Yes, the Albany retail outlet closed long ago, but the Troy retail outlet is still open. You can find it on Facebook under the Helmbolds/Old World Provisions moniker.

                  1. re: Roger K

                    Good to know. I'll have to stop by.

                2. re: Roger K

                  He's obviously not the foodie, Roger K. but I still think he must explain. I'm visiting him next week so I will get to the bottom of whether Hembolds/Old World sells deli meats at retail and report back. FYI...They sell miniature hot dogs which are outstanding, particularly with their own hot "zippy sauce".

                  1. re: sagetom

                    Yes, I'm well aware of the mini hot dogs. I grew up on Hemlbolds at both the "original" Hot Dog Charlies and Famous Lunch on Congress Street in Troy. Back in the days when the Health Dept didn't object to the counter staff balancing the hot dog orders directly on their forearms while they prepared them. ;>)

                    Enjoy your visit here.